Jon & Kate Go Separate Ways

Jon and Kate Gosselin have been fighting it out on camera and in the press since their less-than-amicable split.

Jon and Kate Gosselin in happier days

Now, according to, Jon and Kate Gosselin have reached a settlement agreement...but the terms are extremely confidential.

In April, former reality star Jon Gosselin filed documents in a Pennsylvania court asking for primary custody of their eight kids and demanded an opportunity to renegotiate his child support obligations. Kate Gosselin was clearly appalled at this request and a "war of words" began.

But earlier in July, both sides officially agreed on a new arrangement that involves both financial and custody details. However, the terms of the deal were sealed by the court.

A source close to Jon and Kate Gosselin said, "An official agreement between Jon and Kate has been reached and they will be working together for the benefit of their children."

TLC's official statement is that a series with Kate Gosselin and her children could return to television due to the Gosselin family remaining under contract.

Perhaps now that this very nasty legal battle is over, their eight children will enjoy a more stable family situation. Let's hope so.

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Comments on "Jon and Kate Gosselin reach custody settlement"

alina August 20, 2010 | 3:16 AM

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stansbnl July 28, 2010 | 2:56 PM

Jon put the kids first? Are you kidding me? All he did was spend money and run around with rich, younger women. It was Kate who worked to support the kids, even though it was Jon who stopped the show when he was kicked off. He only thought of himself and where he was going to travel next. Kate has to work to support the family. Jon is a low life who does nothing but spend money he doesn't even have. He is a total deadbeat.

robynp55 July 27, 2010 | 9:49 PM

why even come on here and tell that they had reached an agreenment? who the hell cares.Jon should have the full custidy of the kids. He's the one who has put them first. kate only cares about kate. She has shown over and over again that the kids are nothing but cash cows to keep her living the life she has so come custom of. she's never home and when the kids and her go on the zillonth raod trip it's all about fakekate not the children. She is the worst mother that has ever been. The stat needs to step in and get the kids away from her before they all grow up as rude nasty and down-right mean just like their mother. Mady is already a major brat. I have been boytcotting anything with her even around it and I have not suffered not one lick from not seeing her horse face or hearing her whiny nasty voice. I happen to speak for millons zillons others who all feel the same way I feel. One day soon I hope TLC and all other Networks will listen to us all who pay to keep them afloat and drop this loser.

Lauralee Hensley July 27, 2010 | 9:24 PM

I'm glad the Gosselins are going to keep the settlement private that way the children won't be asked about it by people and maybe be hurt.

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