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Leo, Chris Nolan’S Inventive Inception

As Inception arrives in theaters July 15, little is publicly known about the film other than what writer-director Christopher Nolan told the LA Times in January; that the enigmatic thriller revolves around "corporate espionage by way of dream invasion."

Think of Inception as The Matrix meets James Bond with a side of Freud, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy (in a star-making turn) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Got it? Good. Because that's as much of a spoiler as you're going to get.

Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio opens July 15

Before attending a screening of the hotly anticipated new film a few weeks ago, Warner Bros issued explicit instructions to all attendees not to tweet, Facebook, blog or otherwise spread internet word about the film before its release.

Usually when a studio issues that kind of edict, it's because they realize they have a turkey on their hands and they don't want any advanced negative word of mouth. But in the case of Inception, the veil of secrecy is actually a service to filmgoers. Living in the Google Age, most films are ruined before you ever step foot in the theater thanks to reviews that overshare, trailers that leave nothing to be discovered later and blogs focused on publishing every behind the scenes photo and possible plot point.

Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

If that's what you're hungry for, you've come to the wrong place because elaborating on Inception's plot will do nothing to enhance the rapturous experience of settling into a darkened movie theater to witness one of the best films of the year courtesy of perhaps the greatest director working in Hollywood today. This is a movie best viewed with a blank slate and an open mind -- just sit back, relax and let it blow you away. And then dash back into the theater for a second showing.

Since Memento, there's been no question of Nolan's ability to create labyrinthine plots that are both mind-bending and heartbreaking. But Inception ups the ante to a blockbuster scale which surpasses the director's dark Batman dreamscapes by leaps and bounds.

Inception star Joseph Gordon Levitt

Inception is visually stunning, wonderfully acted and richly layered. It's a film that deserves immeasurable praise (it will surely be heaped with accolades come award season) and multiple viewings. During the summer movie season, when audiences are too often told to switch their brain to auto-pilot, Christopher Nolan delivers a thoughtful, compelling, vividly woven film that may prove to be his opus.

The only thing you need to know about Inception is this: It's brilliant!

Inception trailer

Inception review

Out of five stars…



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Comments on "Inception review"

Swati September 16, 2010 | 4:55 AM

its a fantastic movies

sciencenaturelle August 15, 2010 | 6:50 AM

thrilling movie. it makes you thing. i love it :D

Dean August 02, 2010 | 12:27 PM

An abosolute must see. Doest get slow for few minutes in the middle, hang in there, you are in for a treat. By far, the best Movie I have ever seen in everyway.

epyon July 28, 2010 | 11:02 PM

Thank you bungled for the heads up on not watching if someone close has taken there life, this has happened to me recently and yea I don't need more depressing things in my life right now

Bungled July 26, 2010 | 11:05 PM

First of all, if you’ve had someone close to you take their own life, YOU PROBABLY DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Although there are some good parts, the whole really isn't very good for two main reasons. First, the number one rule of fiction is broken in a huge way - Don't explain but instead show and reveal. The first half of the movie is packed full of characters explaining what is happening or what will happen, all to establish the premise of dreams within dreams with varying passage of time. Secondly, the movie makers trap themselves into this premise and plod away at the final suspense/action sequence, cutting between the multiple layers of dreams to the point that each cut starts feeling like a gag - "Oh, now we're in a shooter video game set in snowy mountains...oh, there's the van falling in slow motion again...oh, there's the sidekick rolling about on walls and ceilings." Once the sidekick lassos his buddies together and moves them around in no gravity I couldn't help but laugh out loud, as did a number of people in the theatre. Other than these two big flaws there are many others such as - 1. More key characters should have gone through a discovery process across the entire film, figuring out layers of dream and reality along with the audience. 2. The most intense altered reality scenes are all used up during the young lady architect's training. 3. Aren't your dreams way, way, way more bizarre and intense than 99% of this movie? 4. We are given no reason what so ever to really have any concerns about the "bad guys" in this film, nor is there anything that really convinces us that the "good guys" are really in peril. 5. The moral question of "Is it OK to pirate someone's mind and mess with it?" is never really addressed. 6. We are given no reason to believe that the inception being executed is really justified or important. 7. Why doesn't the grandpa just take the kids on vacation out of the country so they can visit their Daddy? 8. If you could live a whole life time in a dream world you created with your spouse, would you create a weird, ugly, urban world? Would you really want to spend that whole life time alone together? 9. The Asian bossman mumbled at times. 10. I thought that a life time in the deepest dream level could leave you with scrambled eggs for brains, but apparently the Asian bossman was fine when he woke up. 11. I can not stand chase/fighting sequences where you can not at least have an good idea of where people are, where they are specifically rushing to, and who is who. This movie was full of this kind of badly filmed and edited junk, especially the winter fighting scenes. This movie is OVER RATED. Oh yes, as a 35 year fan of mystery and sci fi - the plot WAS NOT COMPLICATED OR HARD TO FOLLOW...IT WAS VERY, VERY PREDICTABLE.

lissete rodriguez July 13, 2010 | 6:47 PM

the best movie of the year, Mr DiCaprio never disappoints, a million times better than avatar, toy story 3 and how to train your dragon were also great and left avatar in the dust, blue aliens? ridiculous!

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