Lindsay Lohan Shoe Suit

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by an upscale boutique over a massive shoe bill.

Lindsay LohanTMZ reports Lindsay racked up a whopping bill at Church, an exclusive boutique selling pricey clothes and accessories, including shoes -- to the tune of over $17,000.

Lindsay Lohan had quite the scam going on: She convinced the owners of the shop that her business manager would pay for her purchases then would waltz out with the kicks.

Problem is, her business manager has only paid $180 to date. The suit states that the owners now believe Lindsay "had no intention of causing her business manager to pay the entire balance."

Of course, they also thought Lindsay Lohan has "well known status as a movie actress with substantial income." Hilarious!

Lohan's camp had no comment on the litigation, as they're busy wading through other huge legal messes like the lawsuit over a car accident and her DUI probation issues.

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Comments on "Lindsay Lohan sued for shoes"

I Mean What July 01, 2010 | 10:23 AM

Seems like anyone that has so much as served her a beverage is getting in line to concoct some sort of press scam. Newest stunt is from Church Boutique in West Hollywood, claiming she owes them $16,000 bucks. Well, how did that even happen? If they were less star struck they would never let her walk out the door without paying for that crap. And if they are such bad business people…well…the bucks stops with you guys. Read more: http://imeanwhat/canyoubelieve/russian-spies-the-bachelor-and-lindsay-lohan-yikes#ixzz0sS6zyrbF

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