Russell Crowe Died A Lie

Russell Crowe is not dead even though the headlines racing across the Internet read: Russell Crowe died.

Russell Crowe is not dead

The Robin Hood star is doing just fine, thank you, despite a few injuries. The Russell Crowe died rumors began with a radio show report that thanks to the Internet's news-spreading-at-blazing-speed hit Google and now Russell Crowe is having to defend his living.

It all started with a South Florida radio show running a story that he died after Russell Crowe supposedly fell 50 feet while rock climbing.

Sure, a 50-foot drop is enough to cause death, but considering Crowe's veracity for living, we're sure he had a harness that helped slow his fall. The fall, or alleged fall, took place in Austria where he is filming his latest movie.

Austrian police aren't saying much except that Crowe was filming a scene in the remote area of Kitzbuhel and fell off the side of a mountain.

Russell Crowe died is most likely another spoke in the wheel of celebrity death rumors that hit the Internet news sites every couple of weeks. Usually, they occur after a real celebrity death or two, such as last week's Gary Coleman and Rue McClanahan deaths.

After all, it usually proves true that celebrities die in threes. Which, actually, has us wondering, who's number three if not Crowe?

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Comments on "Russell Crowe died is not true"

Rick June 10, 2010 | 1:03 PM

Can't speak to Crowe's personal life and activities, but he is an incredible actor. I will watch Robin Hood and I own many of his other performances. The story would have been carried on all the big networks immediately. Dennis Hopper and Russell Crowe are very similar in many ways.

Elda June 10, 2010 | 12:18 PM

You're right, Kathie - the third was Dennis Hopper! Wow - celebs dying in threes? Creepy!

fireman603 June 10, 2010 | 12:11 PM

I was listening to the show this morning and the internet again has it wrong as with this story above. The talk show didn't report that Russell Crowe was dead, a caller called in and stated that Russell Crowe fell off a cliff and died. The talk show's host replied that they doubt that to be true as they were watching CNN and FOX news and it would be on there if it was true.

Kathie June 10, 2010 | 11:54 AM

Number 3 was Rue McClanahan. Number 2 was Dennis Hopper. This round of three is over.

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