Does Kanye Still Have Power?

Kanye West has released his new single, Power, and although the song is as catchy as many of West's past hits, questions remain.

Kanye West

Will audiences give West a chance after his disgraceful hijacking of Taylor Swift's moment at the 2009 Video Music Awards?

SheKnows has a video preview (below) and wants your opinion. Do you like it? Will you even listen to it? Will Power be a hit?

These questions will be answered in the coming weeks as the video has debuted. As we said, the song has hit written all over it. The opening alone will play in your head for hours!

We are not surprised that West's new song is called Power. This new track comes from the entertainer whose name literally became a verb last fall.

You may recall West's tussle with paparazzi a while ago at LAX airport, where he was arrested for felony vandalism after his outrage when a reporter took video coverage of him. And everyone knows of the Taylor Swift incident when she was "Kanyed" after winning the Best Female Video Award at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Despite these two major incidents which punctuate his career, the entertainer has kind of been MIA. After laying low for several months, he's now back with Power. As West admits to being an (expletive) in the song with a powerful message, West also admits that he needed time alone with his own thoughts and that reality is catching up with him based on the lyrics: "With these responsibilities, that they entrusted me as I look down…no one man should have all that power. The clock's ticking, I just count the hours."

So we know he expresses himself in songs. Kanye, we get it. As this tune has a lot of messages, namely implying that all of the intensity has caught up to him, the question is, can we forgive him? Don't other entertainers in the public eye have the same pressures he's experiencing? Don't most of them choose to handle themselves with class and dignity instead? Are fans ready to listen to his music again or is he still on a Power trip?

If sales for his next album are flat, chances are that will tell all: Be a jerk on the public stage and your sales will flounder. Perhaps other fans will decide to forgive and forget and buy his music based on the strong messages in this new tune.

Since the rapper's songs are often fueled by people and events in his life, perhaps this one song will resonate and people will give him a pity party. Lucky for us, in this business, the fan base will determine who has the Power after all. And in this case, it's not Kanye. It's the buying power of the public who will determine if this star can rise again.

Kanye West: Power

Warning: explicit lyrics

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Comments on "Kanye West Power: New single premieres"

TailaWho? June 15, 2010 | 6:53 PM

Im sorry what did he do to taylor swift? hahaha jk I can assure even those that will never forgive him for what he did, they WILL still buy the album. History fades... Chris brown BEAT a woman up AND STILL sold 6 digit sales on his first week and lets not forget it hit number 1 in the charts. You actually think kanye will flop? people listen to music and when this song hits, your gonna wish you were a masochist cause its going to hurt. AND please he is not backing down just because he is finally co-producing, didnt you learn from 808's and heartbreaks... he inst gonna keep trying to re-record college dropout everytime he wants to drop an album. Dont even say 808's was a flop cause maybe he shouldnt have sold 450,000 albums. And yes.. i get it.. It was really mean what he did but in all honesty WE ALL cant be tupac, mlk jr, Ghandi, or who ever is perfect. All in all, its a great record and remember... "screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it, I guess every superhero needs his theme music" haha

craig May 29, 2010 | 12:19 PM

@kelly R.... you sound like a child.. grow up, kanye is a genius regaurdless of his stupid mistakes. his music is powerful and has infulence on millions. and i feel like your the complete for judging him based on the 10 minutes of entertainment tonight you watched after that stupid things he did.. grow up!! good tune!

Kelly R May 29, 2010 | 5:04 AM

Kanye is rasist has no talent hack can't stand up to real men only middle aged one and a scared teenage girl, try that with Shug Night, 50 or Tupac if her were alive and he'd of goten his ass kicked real fast. Tupac was a real rapper not some one claming to be never ran up un stage on anyone gave pros to others. If it wernt for soundboards and synthosizer KW would have no career because its all special affect with him. Why does he have a contract because stuoid people who don't know good rap//music when then hear it run out and buy or download his garbage. I guess By lame you didn't read the whole atriclt I don't thinks a disgruntled Taylor Swift fan hes just stating the facts. KW has issues with people including reports and has struggled iwth that. And took time off to regroup and came back with a song about this. Will people forgice and forget, its up to you to deside that. My decision had nothing to do whit him going after TS it based soley on his lack of talent and the fact hes a complete .

lame May 28, 2010 | 2:12 PM

The author is obviously a disgruntled Taylor Swift fan. You should be thanking Kanye, he made her. Kanye's fans don't care about that no-talent git. His music will sell fine.

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