Inside Pixar's New Toy Store!

Disney and Pixar have given SheKnows a little get-to-know-you for the animated characters of Toy Story 3 that are new to the blockbuster franchise.

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Dolly is a doll. That much is obvious, but she's special in that she is the happiest doll in the Toy Story 3 world.

Toy Story 3 new character, Dolly

Also, no one smiles as brightly as Dolly. Just gazing at her, the other toys can't help themselves but smile as well. That is what must make her cheeks a little pink! Her favorite dress is blue, but she is very willing to dress in any color desired.

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O E April 16, 2010 | 7:30 AM

The article says TS3 comes out June 30 and the poster states June 18 WHO IS RIGHT?

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