Inside Pixar's New Toy Store!

Disney and Pixar have given SheKnows a little get-to-know-you for the animated characters of Toy Story 3 that are new to the blockbuster franchise.

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Mr Pricklepants

Mr Pricklepants loves adventures and can't wait to bring you along!

Toy Story 3

For those who like their hedgehogs in lederhosen, Mr Pricklepants is your toy. He is fuzzy, even if his moniker makes you think he is otherwise. Did we mention Mr Pricklepants enjoys the occasional snuggle?

Up next, last but not least, it's Dolly!

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Comments on "Toy Story 3: Meet the new toys"

O E April 16, 2010 | 7:30 AM

The article says TS3 comes out June 30 and the poster states June 18 WHO IS RIGHT?

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