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In Tyler Perry’s latest film, Why Did I Get Married Too? he dives deeper into the challenges of marital life. In the fantastic sequel to the original, Why Did I Get Married starring Janet Jackson and Perry, we find the eight college friends in the Bahamas.

Janet Jackson in Why Did I Get Married Too?

For their annual one week reunion, four close couples get psyched to reconnect, reminisce and in the process, we get an insider's look into each of their relationships and how they handle various situations when they return home.

In Perry's riveting new film, you're bound to find yourself laughing at various parts of comic relief but you'll also notice the emotions run deeper.

Not to give away the plot lines, but as the stories unfold about what goes on behind closed doors in each of the four relationships, Janet Jackson unleashes an unforgettable performance as Patricia. The iconic artist's single Nothing, can be found on the soundtrack for Why Did I Get Married Too?

Here's the critical point about this film: You'll find yourself identifying with one or more of the characters.

Whether it's in a current relationship or a past one, there is something downright substantial and real about this film and how you can relate to it.

As Tyler Perry and the ensemble cast including Jill Scott, Sharon Leal, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, Tasha Smith, Lamman Rucker, Michael Jai White, and Cicely Tyson convened recently to promote the film in Manhattan, perhaps the film and his creativity may be summed up best: "I spend so much of my life living outside the box because I know when I go they'll put me in one."

Why Did I Get Married Too review

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Comments on "Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?"

Rah May 13, 2011 | 8:37 AM

This is a great review on the movie "Why did I get Married Too?” I loved the movie and thought that Janet Jackson may have given her best performance! I regret not seeing this movie sooner. I shouldn't listen to my co-workers at DISH when they said wait on it till it comes out on PPV or DVD. I was sitting at the airport bored out my mind and remember I can watch movie on DISHonline. After seeing the movie I found that these problems really happen in our everyday life. You have to crazy wife with a cheating husband and the both try ("TRY" being weakly used) to be faithful to each other. Then you have the patient doctor with a soul cheating wife. I say soul because her heart and soul wasn't with her husband and the soul is a deeper meaning. Then you have a happy face couple hiding there true feelings about what is going on between them and they crack. My favorite is Shelia, She was trying to hard to make thing ok but Troy was so stressed out he didn't care and poor Mike with his cancer. People deal with these problems every day. Just have a find something positive!

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