Rimes & Woods: Cheating Bedfellows

With the recent news obsession over cheating spouses, the latest word is that infamous cheaters Tiger Woods and LeAnn Rimes once dated -- before they were married.

LeAnn Rimes

"They hooked up and everything," a source told Us Magazine. "Tiger was really into her. He likes those blondes!"

Woods, 34, and Rimes, 27 allegedly went on a few dates years ago, but the romance didn't last, apparently, because Rimes' daddy didn't like his teen daughter dating the older golfer, who has seven years on her.

"Her dad almost had a heart attack," the source says. "And he made her stop seeing Tiger."

Rimes went on to marry her soon-to-be ex-husband Dean Sheremet in 2002, while Woods wed Elin Nordegren in October 5, 2004.

As we all know, however, neither marriage was a "happily ever after" scenario, with both Rimes and Woods cheating on their spouses and being vilified for their indiscretions.

Rimes strayed with Eddie Cibrian, 36, in an onset romance while the pair was shooting the 2009 Lifetime movie Northern Lights. When the story broke last April, she and the CSI Miami hunk got serious flack for their cheating ways, with Cibrian portrayed as a marriage wrecker. A year later, she's working on finalizing her divorce and the two are still hot and heavy.

Woods, meanwhile, is still struggling to make up for the barrage of affairs that were made public after his Christmas car accident-incident. SheKnows lost count: Was it 16 Woods mistresses who came forward? The golf legend disappeared from the spotlight for awhile, some say for a rehab stint, but he's finally back on the course and continues to publically apologize to his wife, 30.

Imagine what the story would have been if the newly revealed Rimes/Woods match had worked: When her affair with Cibriani came out, his harem of women would surely have revealed themselves, too! It would have been a cheating smorgasbord.

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