James Pregnant?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Tiger Woods, who's managed to stay out of the headlines since entering (and most recently exiting) sex rehab, it did. Stories are swirling that he got one of his mistresses, Joslyn James, pregnant.

Tiger Woods...how many more?However, reports are also circulating that Joslyn is in it for nothing more than her 15 minutes of fame. Although it's unclear as to whether or not he got her pregnant -- she is another mistress to add to his long list of infidelities.

Joslyn spoke to Inside Edition and mentioned that Woods would simply not have any knowledge of the pregnancies. Apparently there was more than one: one ended in a miscarriage. As for the other? Abortion as she didn't reveal either pregnancy to him.

The adult film star is sticking to her story that she was impregnated twice by the professional golfer however sources claim that she may be stretching the truth.

Her stepmother told Radar Online, "Joslyn is a compulsive liar and a bad mom. She used to boast to me that she would soon not to have to work again for the rest of her life. I'm not sure if she meant because she was going to have Tiger Woods' baby, but she definitely is not the kind of person who should be having children."

And, according to the stepmom, if Joslyn was pregnant both times by Woods, how would she truly know he was the father?

Although Joslyn did indeed go out with Woods, it sounds like making claims he got her pregnant twice may be a fallacy.

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Comments on "Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James talking"

venicementor February 20, 2010 | 9:04 PM

What a liar she is, and a bad one at that. You see her on the show bragging about how she "boffed" Tiger. This woman, and I use the term loosely, is an opportunist and a liar. Her fifteen minutes of fame was up a long time ago, so take off the fake eyelashes, stop the alligator tears and take your attorney Gloria, another opportunist and leave EVERYONE ALONE!!!

Kayla February 16, 2010 | 4:16 PM

It seems to me that Joslyn is making the whole pregnancy thing up. Lets be serious now. It seems a little too convienient that she was supposively prego at the exact same times that Elin Woods was. And she just convieniently had a miscarraige and then decided to have an abortion to not ruin the family. Uhmm lady thats exactly what your doing now coming out with the ridiculous accusations!! I wish the media would stick their noses elsewhere and leave people the hell alone. Tiger Woods and his family need to be let alone to sort this all out, its bad enough random ladies are coming out and saying ridiculous things.

Carmen February 16, 2010 | 12:24 PM

I pray that Tiger Woods put and end to this horrid situation and make a public statement. Tiger should tell the world that he is seriously committed to his rehab, his family and his career and then move on with his life. A statement from Tiger will help to stop or diminish malicious rumors and innuendos from the media and the vicious attacks from all those women that are seeking money and revenge from him. I hope he does this soon because this ordeal has caused him and his family enough pain and suffering already.

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