Charlie Sheen Tell-All?

Denise Richards has promised to tell the public everything Charlie Sheen ever did to her during their marriage.

Charlie Sheen's ex threatened to air his dirty laundry after being accused of using her kids for a photo op in the wake of his domestic violence arrest. Denise Richards was photographed with her two daughters with Sheen, Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, at a local park.

Richards wrote on Twitter, "For all the negative nellies out there, I did not have a (expletive) photo op with my kids at a park. when there is drama u get followed more."

"Sorry had to vent (expletive) pisses me off day..I will spill my guts about everything."

During her contentious divorce from Sheen in 2006, Richards accused Sheen of heavy drug and alcohol abuse as well as threatening her with similar acts of violence as his current wife Brooke Mueller alleges.

Richards told Howard Stern earlier this year that when she and Sheen began their romance, he was in a good place. "He was three years sober and he was working and doing really, really well," she said. Things quickly went downhill after the marriage.

Richards also told Stern that Sheen pays her $60,000 a month in alimony and $52,000 a month in child support. Sheen's hit TV show Two and A Half Men pays him upwards of $825,000 an episode -- much of which he'll now be handing out in legal fees.

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Comments on "Will Denise Richards talk about Charlie Sheen?"

Chorus January 24, 2010 | 12:38 AM

Of course she'll talk and talk. She thinks this will get her sympathy with the public, but has no clue that people actually respect celebs who handle their personal situations privately. She's said everything there is to say about Charlie when she released that awful court document. What she doesn't get it no one cares. All she is doing is damaging her poor children. She forgets they are 50 percent of his DNA. So when she continues to blab these awful things she takes them down with him. But really as a career narcacist what does she care?

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