Grey’S Exclusive: Kevin On Kim

Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd has the most unmistakable Scottish accent. As an appreciator of all things UK, immediately SheKnows was impressed.

Of course, McKidd's gift for acting only grows our appreciation further. Since joining Grey's Anatomy in 2008, McKidd has become a part of the smash show's newest and hottest love triangle.

Grey's Anatomy new love triangle

Considering this is Grey's Anatomy, the show built on an Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Kate Walsh love triangle, the potential for an amour conflict involving McKidd's Owen Hunt Sandra Oh and Grey's newcomer Kim Raver of Lipstick Jungle and 24 -- is exciting to say the least.

McKidd phoned SheKnows after a busy day on the Grey's Anatomy set to take us inside one of television's biggest hits.

Kevin McKidd exclusive

SheKnows: How are things going for you personally on the Grey's Anatomy set?

Kevin McKidd: I'm enjoying it. It's funny. For my character, so far this season, it's been a very war oriented season. Last year, right off the bat, he had some pretty intense personal stuff going on dealing with post traumatic stress disorder and reintegrating himself back into civilian life. The first half of this season, it seems he's settling into the hospital more and now with the introduction of Kim Raver's character, someone he's spent years working together in Iraq, things get very interesting from this point on, this season, I don't know, but I would guess is going to be much more explosive. There will be a lot more intensity and complication.

SheKnows: Besides joining a hit show and a great cast, you mentioned the challenges your character had coming back from war in Iraq. Was that one of the appealing aspects of you tackling this character?

Kevin McKidd: Absolutely. When I met Shonda Rhimes and she described this character at the beginning of season five, I just felt that it was a very important story to tell. You don't get chances as an actor to through character to help spread education and inform people what is going on right now. I felt it was very important to be involved in that and I felt very honored. I still feel very honored to be a part of that.

The docs of Grey's AnatomySheKnows: Owen's a bit of a mystery too…

Kevin McKidd: He's got a lot of paradoxes. On one hand, he's very honorable and wants to do things with the correct protocol. He's been Army trained after all. The whole point about being in the army is that you follow protocol so when you're in these intense situations, you can operate well. And yet, he's a very impassioned and impulsive, sometimes hot headed man. He's a red-blooded man. There's this really interesting dichotomy that I get to play as an actor. In a strange way, in his personal life, he's much more all over the place than he is professionally. In his personal life, that's a whole other deal.

Raver's rivets grey's anatomy

SheKnows: You mentioned Kim (Raver) joining things, what has it been like on the Grey's Anatomy set with the addition of Ms Raver?

Kevin McKidd: It's been great. She's such a great actor. I'm very, very blessed for the entire season five, I got to work with Sandra Oh, who I love. I am so blessed that she is my acting partner. I look forward to that continuing. And then, Kim comes in, and Sandra and I are kind of nervous, because it's someone that both she and I have to work with in a very in-depth way. She's fantastic. She's a "dyed-in-the-wool," professionally trained actress with a deep talent and a real passion for her character. I think the three of us are really enjoying working together.

SheKnows: And the casting people at Grey's Anatomy just nail it again, time after time.

Kevin McKidd: They do, yeah. They really do, it's funny, I did some meetings and all the actresses that came in were fantastic. They wanted to see, they liked something where they felt potential. I met with a few actresses and they were great. But, when Kim came in, it felt like it was the right fit. You can tell right off the bat.

Introducing the war doc played by Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy

Owen's awkward entry

SheKnows: Lastly, you came in on Grey's Anatomy during season five. Now, Grey's Anatomy is a full-blown phenomenon. What it was it like to come in as somebody who is new to the cast?

Kevin McKidd: My character did not come in easily. Most characters get to come in and do something kind of cute and smile. They're endearing and people grow to like them. (Laughs) With my character, I show up, I stab somebody in the throat with a pen. I show up again and go back to Iraq. Then, I sedate and stab a whole lot of pigs that are on operating tables and tell these interns to save them and ignore the girl I kissed in the previous episode.

SheKnows: (Laughs.)

Kevin McKidd: I was nervous (laughs). I told them, "You know. This is a real gamble." When Owen Hunt arrives and joins the hospital initially he was just a guest star. This is my character's first action joining the show? People are really going to get this guy or I'm going to be out on my ear.

We both laugh.

Kevin McKidd: It worked. It seems to have worked. It was controversial at the time. But, then again, Grey's Anatomy writers know how to hit ball out of the park each time.

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Comments on "Kevin McKidd dishes Grey’s Anatomy"

lamermaid January 20, 2010 | 12:26 AM

Hehehe...I see you've corrected the "dyed-in-the-wool" comment. But - sigh - you still need to go back to journalism school. "Of course, McKidd’s gift for acting only grows our appreciation further." Further is redundant and superfluous. You might want to look that up.

Maras December 04, 2009 | 2:22 AM

Is it just me that wants to see this triangle? Imagine people: intense conversations+ confused characters = perfect drama. Besides, it is so humanly natural to get involved with more than one partner. Please, look around. I am so inpatient to see how both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are going to deal with this, their acting skills have to be on a whole new level. And this is indeed one more reason to watch the show.

Kelly December 03, 2009 | 9:40 PM

Cristina has always been my favorite too, but the Cristina Owen coupling is the only reason I still watch the show. I was ready to give it up after season 4 and just tuned into the Season 5 SP to see if it got better. It got Owen and the C/O coupling and that was enough in a season that was otherwise ridiculous. Now it's like TPTB are going out of their way to ruin all the good will Owen earned last year by changing his character and having him make some very poor decisions. Like bringing a woman he has or has had feelings for to the hospital specifically to mentor his girlfriend. That boggles my mind. Even if he thought it was one sided and she wasn't interested, it's a phenomenally dumb move. I don't know how they expect us to buy into this moronic love triangle with a setup like that. Like Leslie, I also don't want to see Owen or Cristina with anyone else. I know they will end up together, but the writers and Shonda can easily ruin them if they are not careful. I don't want to see them cheat on each other even if they'll be together in the end. To me, that would just make me not care about their love story anymore. I agree that KMK and SO are amazing actors and I love to watch them together. I don't care for Teddy at all. She's just horrible and I don't think Kim Raver is very good. I've honestly never seen her in anything else so I don't know if she's been good in other things, but I get nothing from her on Grey's. The interviewer writes about the MerDer / Addison love triangle as if that one makes her excited for this one. At least Addison had a claim on Derek. She was his wife. Meredith wasn't really at fault because she didn't know he was married until after she was completely in love with him. Derek was wrong not to tell her he was married but Addison cheated on him with his best friend and he thought he was completely done with Addison when he got together with Meredith. That triangle worked because everyone sort of had a good argument. That and Addison was actually pretty likable. Teddy is just some two faced woman who mentors Cristina and then tells her boyfriend that she has feelings for him hoping to break them up and steal her man. It doesn't matter that she's known him longer. He's with someone. She should have kept her feelings to herself. If they mess up Cristina and Owen I will stop watching the show and so will a lot of other people.

leslie December 03, 2009 | 8:20 PM

I agree that a "love triangle" is contrived and stupid but I wouldn't go so far as to root for Teddy and Owen to go back to Iraq together. Owen/Cristina together are the primary reason I watch the show and I'm not interested in seeing either one of them with anyone else. I'll merely stop watching Grey's as it's boring to me when the two of them are not together. I doubt that Owen and Cristina will split up in the end. TPTB on GA are putting all of this out to get people to watch the show in January. Ratings are the name of the game. There are too many other people who feel the same way that I do IMO. The ratings would drop and the show overall would feel the negative effects--meaning no show eventually. Also, this Owen bashing is ridiculous, especially since he hasn't even done anything. Think back to this time last year, when Mer and Cris were fighting. Were people ready to run Mer off the show for fighting with Cris? Get real people!

Aila December 03, 2009 | 5:47 PM

Triangle storyline is one of the worst storylines ever. The writers did a wonderful job last season with Owen and Cristina, only to undo it this season with a classic boring triangle? Seriously? There were so many things writers could have done with Owen and Cristina without going for a triangle. They have great actors with a good story, and they are making people hate it. I am really disappointed with S6. Teddy's character urgently needs to go away. And where is the good acting Mr.McKidd mentions? I have only seen one expression from Ms. Raver in the couple of episodes aired. Maybe it's just evident compared to the acting of McKidd and Oh. If things continue like this I am going to begin rooting for Teddy and Owen to go back together to Iraq, or at least away from my screen. After 6 seasons Cristina has always been my favourite character on the show, and she definitely deserves a better storyline. A partner with doubts and a triangle are not good enough for her. Sorry for Mr. McKidd though.

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