Gosselin Goes Hollywood?

Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 answered "any and all reasonable questions"

Kate GosselinAlthough she's often publicly complained about being in the spotlight and having paparazzi outside her home 24/7, it sounds like she may actually enjoy being in the limelight.

Gosselin stated, "I've done enough years on TV that I feel like it's a normal, comfortable, natural place to be. I'd love to be in a movie at some point, I'd love to be the voice of a cartoon character in a movie for my kids. I think that would be fun."

While she isn't opposed to re-marrying as she says she really doesn't want to be married again, it's a Catch 22: she also doesn't want to be alone. "The alone-ness is really alone." As the thirty-four year-old answered questions, she mentioned being in the spotlight has made it difficult to maintain friends.

She said the fame and attention has not negatively impacted her kids. "They're not suffering from this," she said. "The fact that they have these different experiences they need to handle is only going to help them in life."

Keep in mind this woman isn't only going through a divorce in public, she's still raising eight kids. When asked if divorce pushes her to the edge, Gosselin was authentic in her answer. "Hello, have you seen out show?" she asked. "Yes, I do flip out." With enough to handle in terms of maintaining the household and raising the children, the dogs are no longer part of the family. Kate indicated she got rid of them because she had too much to handle. If things calm down at some point, it sounds like she is open to having them back in their lives.

"I knew the dogs needed more than I could give them. Are they gone forever? I'm hoping not."

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Comments on "Kate Gosselin’s movie aspirations"

b evan October 28, 2009 | 6:51 AM

Kate is a liar. Every interview is back to Kate. She is so stuck on herself she cannot see her kids or the world around her. Her attitude on the last Q&A was atrocious, she was arrogant and flippant. She avoided real questions like: why do she & Steve sign in as Mr. & Mrs. and stay the nite in one room at hotels? Why hasn't she been honest about her kids developmental problems? She lied about how many people assist her and work for her. The real story is she is a "pretend" MOM and a duplicate of "Mommy Dearest". If only the kids could have a Q&A .... you would have a rapt audience. They tell the truth. Also, why did she not have to account for the $55,000 she spent from the account? We may never know.

keah October 27, 2009 | 12:15 PM

Yes well, that's all nice and good and I think everyone should follow their dreams, but Kate Gosselin did not pay any dues. I relize she paid her dues as far as giving birth and going through labor but,she never did without help her and Jon at the time went through what many young couples go through (and yes their are coupleswho have many kids)but,they always had people helping,food given,cars given...give me a break she had it easier in light of things. Kate has it easy and I think it's wrong that she not have to work for anything herself, even her books are not written by just her and the people who helped her never get any credit for it from her....Think about that...Paula dean earned her stripes,so did Whoopie,Joy,Sherry and Elizabeth. So c'mon give us a break and people if she was always with the kids she would not be at all these events, just look at Anne Rice (LOL)

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