Jackson Live Beyond The Grave

Michael Jackson's London concert at the O2 arena will still occur. Yes, you read that right -- Michael Jackson is not finished with performing.

Michael Jackson from his This is It tour rehearsal 48 hours before he diedJackson was in the final preparations for a 50-date performance run at the O2 arena when he passed away June 25.

The King of Pop was about to launch the comeback he dreamed of, so said AEG promoter Randy Philips. As he repeated at the Michael Jackson memorial, Philips believed one of the hugest losses in Michael Jackson's death is that the world never saw the This is It show.

"The world needs to see this production. It would have been - which is the tragedy here - one of the most amazing shows ever, so at some point we want the world to see that -- the sooner the better," Philips said.

Instead of a 50-night performance Jackson, his amazing band and troupe of dancers will hit the O2 arena stage on August 29 – the day that would have been Michael's 51st birthday.

Remember the CNN hologram of Will.I.Am talking with Wolf Blitzer on election night?

That same technology will put Michael Jackson on stage in a hologram taken from videos of the late singer's rehearsals for the This is It tour.

The back-up dancers and singers will be joined by Shaheen Jafargholi throughout the performance as he tackles Jackson's earlier work in the Jackson 5 with the full spectacle behind him that would have backed Michael Jackson's final live shows. Jafargholi performed Who's Lovin' You at the July 7 Michael Jackson memorial.

Check it the entire video of the Staples Center event here!

Philips added that This is It would have been an "amazing show" and Jackson would have wanted the London fans to witness the event, even with him reporting for duty as a hologram.

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Comments on "Michael Jackson will perform in London"

charnise July 16, 2009 | 5:30 PM

hey MJ was a great performer i whiched all his music it sounded great and the sream video was great him and his sister was the good thing janet should miss about him that she performed with her brother that time and enjoyed him and i think the world and people in Cleveland Ohio will miss the king of pop R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON

countG July 12, 2009 | 11:24 PM

The only thing worse than this would be if they get M.J.'s corpse and made it do the show by installing robotics. Disgusting! Shame on AEG. - just make a movie of the footage, and screen it in theaters around the world, with tribute footage of all the good M.J. did. That's how you would honer someone who has passed on and give people something they would enjoy.

lanai July 12, 2009 | 10:45 PM

this is too weird, hes gone and looking at him as a holographic is way too emotional for all of michaels fans..its kind of insensitive and to be honest its just really really sad because hes gone its not the real michael..it hits you even more thats hes dead....looking at what could of been

WhatWillTheyDoNext July 12, 2009 | 9:00 PM

OMG! This is unreal!! I also think that the dollars paid for the tickets should be holographic, too! This is a bad idea. Refund the money and sell the video as a DVD, please! Could it be any more depressing to see this belated man in a holographic form from footage 2 days prior to his death? Can't the O2 people just cut their losses?

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