Jon And Kate Plus 8 Through

Jon and Kate Gosselin have officialy split.

Jon takes a walk while his kids have issuesThe adversarial parents of Jon and Kate Plus 8 filed papers to initiate a legal split Monday, June 22 at the Bucks County Courthouse in Pennsylvania, according to a close source.

It was unclear if the papers are for divorce or for legal separation -- regardless, it is clear the couple no longer plans to remain together.

This is hardly a surprise to viewers of the long-running TV show. Kate is often portrayed as a harping, shrill wife, and Jon and as a childish, irresponsible parent. In February, photos surfaced of Jon in the company of several younger women while visiting his mother post-surgery. In May, Jon was caught partying with another 20-something woman at a local bar until 2 am while Kate was away on a book tour.
Sources later accused Kate of cheating with the family's bodyguard. Kate denied anything untoward was happening, adding that the bodyguard's wife always travels with them and is a close friend.

But even Kate seemed to see the end coming, despite the denials of infidelity by both her and Jon. She said on the show's season premiere, "Parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate. I was thinking we were going to beat that. I don't know if I can say that anymore."

Looks like the answer is no.

Jon was seen shopping for pricey one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan's Trump Plaza last weekend, a rather cozy arrangement for eight kids. He later spent Father's Day at the family's million-dollar Pennsylvania home with the kids. Kate was nowhere to be seen.

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Comments on "Jon and Kate divorce"

Kris June 24, 2009 | 12:57 AM

Jon & Kate, your 15 minutes are up!! Go home and take care of your children! Boycott TLC, its affiliates and SPONSORS until they drop this show. Who cares who id what? I too am so tired of their "woe is me". Someone needs to be thinking about the kids! Since their parents won't TLC needs to cancel this show permanently! Let these poor kids grieve their parents divorce in private, not on National TV where their friends at school and their parents watch! Jon and Kate need to get off the gravy train and support their children instead of letting their children support them! Jon and Kate, wake up! Stop being so self-centered and greedy! BOYCOTT TLC, ALL AFFILIATES AND SPONSORS UNTIL THEY CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!

Trisha June 23, 2009 | 2:13 PM

I also viewed and judged Kate as being an over-bearing, self-absorbed person. But, after watching last nights epsiode, in which they discuss the separation, divorce, or whatever it truly is. I saw a very different side of Kate. I saw a lady that is very much hurting, and YES, I think willing to give it a shot to save the marriage. As for Jon, I saw the opposite. I saw a guy that is so intent on being right, that he doesn't even want to TALK. My advice for both of these people, is remember your consquences have actions, not only for yourselves but VERY MUCH for 8 INNOCENT LITTLE LIVES. I am sorry if in the process of doing what is best for them you two suffer. GUESS WHAT??? we all suffer to some extent, but to throw in the towel without giving it your best shot, is very SELFISH to them. I say the grass is NOT always greener in the other pasture and going back is something anyone can rarely do. Ask yourselves this ...IS FAME AND FORTUNE AND BEING BULL HEADED GREATER THAN THAN BUILDING A BOND OF LOVE THAT WILL SEE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY THROUGH GREATER TIMES THAN ANY AMOUNT OF FAME AND MONEY WILL ? Please, seek counseling before you throw in the towel, many lives will suffer from your decision.

Sue Webb June 23, 2009 | 12:14 AM

As I watched tonights show I became very upset that Kate nor Jon have gotten off the "woe is me" bandwagon and truly thought of the kids. Both of them are so self-absorbed that it is ridiculous. Aaccording to Kate tonight she and Jon have not talked or spoken about their situation. Why have they not gotten counseling or even wanted counseling to try and savae this marriage for the sake of themselves and the children. Both of them are to eager to throw in the towel and not even try for a resolution. What a shame, for the chilren. And the children need counseling also. Kate and all her pious self glory and Jon with his irresponsible attitute can tout all they want to that they are doing every for the best of the children and that they are such wonderful parents that their children will not suffer from this WRONG. Every child involved in a family split is effected. I used to feel sorry for both Kate and Jon but their actions have changed any sympathy into disgust over their self-centered attitude.

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