Twilight Saga's Second Chapter

The Twilight nation got their first look at the trailer for New Moon on the MTV Movie Awards -- and now we have it for you to play over and over and over!

New Moon's biggest surprise is the budding friendship between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). There had been some discussion after Twilight premiered whether the series would continue with another actor. Lautner is only 17 and producers thought perhaps he may look too young and not believable as the Jacob of New Moon.

Check out this hot still of Edward and Bella sharing a moment before he heads away for her own safety!

Bella and Edward share a moment before he leaves

Judging by the response of the fans on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards and the crowd in attendance at the show witnessing the below New Moon trailer -- Lautner's hard work has paid off.

He looks the Jacob part, even if the actor is shy about the fuss about his physique.

In New Moon, we learn about the ancestral battle between vampires and werewolves and how they have now manifested itself in the form of two polar clans — The Cullens and The Blacks.

Kristen Stewart at work on New Moon:

On the set of New Moon with Kristen Stewart

Stephenie Meyer would be proud of what Summit has done with her New Moon. The author admitted she was more nervous to release that book than any other in her career.

Read our entire Stephenie Meyer interview here!

Thanks MTV and Summit Entertainment, now enjoy you Twilight fanatics!

New Moon trailer

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Comments on "New Moon trailer and stills premiere"

boobear11 June 05, 2009 | 10:22 PM

oooohhhh he's topless! ;)

Nuttapong June 04, 2009 | 6:37 PM

Alice June 04, 2009 | 3:26 AM

i am so excited for the movie new moon i can't wait, i've read twilight 7 times and all the rest 6. after watching the trailer i am more excited than i used to be, first i was thinking oh no catherine hardwicke isn't doing new moon and she did twilight so good aswell. but now i'm less worried, he did a really good job with the werewolf thing, thats my favourite.can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Lieske June 03, 2009 | 8:44 AM

I'm so excited about the upcoming movie! I can't wait to see New Moon especially after watching the trailer. Noah Lieske

stormy June 02, 2009 | 8:38 PM

So I just watched twilight for the first time! It was the best movie that i've seen in a long time. The trailer for New Moon gave me chills. I can't wait till 11*20*09! I know it will be awsome.

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