Obama's Dinner
A Show

President and Michelle Obama hit New York for date night this past June, and locals could tell immediately as critics weighed in on the trip's appropriateness.

There are certain things you know as a New Yorker as you stroll down a street. When it's Fleet Week (after all, there are adorable sailors everywhere. And yes, they're in uniform!), when the Yankees are in the playoffs (there's a certain buzz in the air), when the UN is in session (midtown traffic simply stops at a standstill) and when a president is in town.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama jet to Manhattan this past weekend and took it by storm. Roads were barricaded, the Secret Service were in full effect and you knew someone special was in the vicinity.

President Obama and the First Lady arrived at JFK airport on a small jet. Next up? Jetting (literally, they took a small jet) into Manhattan for dinner at the en vogue restaurant of restaurants, Blue Hill.

The Obamas head into the theater

Could you imagine dining there and voila! The A-list couple is sitting next to you? Apparently the fellow diners did not have a huge warning saying the Obamas would be eating among them.

Next up on date night: Broadway! The Obamas hit the Great White Way to see Joe Turner's Come and Gone. We can only imagine how hard it must be to now get a reservation at Blue Hill or tickets to the Broadway show!

The date night on Broadway was the result of the president's vow to take her there after campaign season ended. Between the Obamas in town and Prince Harry's recent visit, one can say that an intrepid New Yorker never knows which royalty member will step foot in Gotham!

The Obamas take their seats

What do you think? Should the president be able to take his wife out to dinner and a play as Obama did this past weekend?

Let us know!

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Comments on "Obama's NYC date night: Too much?"

Bakarr November 03, 2009 | 12:22 PM

For those of you who only go by what you hear on FOX NEWS, please do me a favor and pick up a book and read about presidential spending. Here we go, Obama pays for his own food whenever he goes out and whatever he eats in the WH. He got two tickets out of his own pocket money and not tax payers dollar. Every president in office gets to enjoy the luxuries that came with the job, so please give him a break. FYI, I didn't even vote for him, but the truth just need to be said to you ignorant Republicans out there ing about your tax money. You want to complaint about something? Talk about the multiple wars we got in for no reason at all. TAKE A BOOK AND READ AND STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS.FYI, what you see on fox isn't news, it's for entertainment. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has more accurate news than Fox news.

Stop Hating June 08, 2009 | 1:19 PM

Yes, indeed, he deserves to take his wife out on the town whenever he has the desire and the time to do so. All of you who are talking about your taxpaying dollars, you every stop to think in the midst of your judgement that President Obama had money before he became President, so it is a huge possibility he used HIS own money to fund his date with his wife. And even if he didn't, SO WHAT! All of you need to get a life and spend time with your own loved ones and stop trying to knock someone down who is truly showing the epitome of what a husband and father, and leader can and should be, especially since we have never really seen an example of it in so many years. I commend them and hope that they keep doing what makes them happy and being an example of what marriage is truly about. That alone is PRICELESS!

Real Republican June 06, 2009 | 3:45 PM

Osama is a fraud and it is time people examine the merits of his deception. Ohh...and pay back the Treasury for your high profile taxpayer date.....

John June 04, 2009 | 5:15 PM

Sour grapes still taste sour since the president's 2008 election for some poor souls. Mr. Obama has enough personal dough to take his wife out for a postponed date in the Big Apple. Whiner's never win. Some of the same critics weighing in on this topic are some of the same guys and gals who want a drive-by shooter and a radio pill addict on the next Republican presidential ticket. Hey, go figure!

MaryMay June 03, 2009 | 9:22 PM

FOUL! The arrogance - the NERVE - "Hope and Change" We are just beginning to understand what this means. All I can say, after 4 months of of Democrats is that their leader has disdain for the American people.

Gretchen June 03, 2009 | 6:17 PM

I thought Obama's idol was Lincoln, not Marie Antoinette with the "Let them eat cake attitude." Has he lost touch with the American people? He wanted this job soooooo bad that he promised that he would make change. My taxpayer money should not treat this couple to a 250000 dollar excursion when so many are out of work, losing homes, etc while he is galavanting with his wife. So far,this is the only promise he has kept and it was not to the American people. Give this man an inch and he takes a mile. I think he was elected to his level of incompetency; hence, the Peter Principal.

Hillary June 03, 2009 | 5:50 PM

I did not vote for him and I am thoroughly displeased that I, as a taxpayer, had to help pay for his "romantic" night out in New york with his large-hipped, ugly eyebrowed wife. Furthermore, in this economy, my husband and I cannot afford a private jet to NYC to see a play and I am sure that most New Yorkers did not appreciate the disruption his visit caused. If I see that long-legged Obama hopping off of another plane or running through the White House like OJ in OJ's old commercials, I will throw up! I hope IRS makes them pay for these perks as I had to for use of a company car. I thought there was a dollar limit to "gifts" and perks for federal employees. I thought we all had to "sacrifice" in order for Obama's "CHANGE" to transpire.By the time he is through entertaining Michele, that is all we will have left in our pockets....loose change. Obama, next time drive or take a bus and pay your own way!

Lathete June 03, 2009 | 3:53 PM

Here's the deal -- You can please some of the people some of the time; but you can't please all the people all of the time. The President is Damned if he DO and Damned if he DOESN'T. You just can't win for losing...

sickofit June 03, 2009 | 3:35 PM

wouldn't you love to see that "carbon foot print"! Wait! was that a Ugo they stepped out of!...no, that was security, they just stepped out of an SUV. I think the only 2 campaign promises he has kept so far are, #1 get a dog...but then only half, he promised to get it from a shelter, but wenched (I know, the whole allergy story. I was just at a pound yesterday, saw the most adorable terrier (you know the non allergic kind) #2 take Michelle on a date in NY, on us of course!

lg June 03, 2009 | 1:19 PM

Hasn't even been in office 6 months and already reaping expensive benefits. And the government criticizes CEO's for their frivolus spending and tells the American public that we need to cut back. ooo.k

Catie June 02, 2009 | 11:07 PM

Women all over America are saying, "If the President of the US isn't too busy to take his wife out on a date, you can too." I think it was wonderful. Conservatives have been saying we need to "defend marriage" and here's a great role model of how to keep a marriage strong - spend time together. USAToday had a survey that showed that a small minority of mothers go on a date with their husbands even once a month. And we wonder why there's a 50% divorce rate. Sure, because he's president, he can't get in his Accord and just take his wife on a date. And it costs him a lot more to go to his kids' soccer games, too (they saw the soccer game on sat before going to NYC), but they're setting a great example of how to be a healthy family. We're getting our money's worth!

Getoverit June 02, 2009 | 8:53 PM

Glad they had a good time, we want them to keep their marriage strong, so he doesn't end up going off on a hunting trip, getting drunk with some woman, then shooting his friend in the face....

darren June 02, 2009 | 6:53 PM

I seem to remember that when wall street executives took jets to a hearing with the congressional members that were investigating thier spending habits that they were chastized by all of americans as well as our government for wasteful spending and they were only billions in debt. I believe our national debt is in the high Trillions by now and we have a president who takes his wife out on a date night out at our expense. well our childrens and grandchildren"s expense since they will be the ones who eventually get the really bad times when the united states can't pay china what we owe them in treasury bonds when they come due. I have lived in DC and it has wonderful restaurants and a broadway type area to see shows that are on Broadway at the time. It has great potential for the best date night you have ever seen, Very romantic areas. and like I said the best food anywhere. WHY ARE WE NOT HOLLERING FOWL!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Ricci Wynne June 02, 2009 | 6:22 PM

You bet he's entitled to dinner and a show, but not at the taxpayers expense. He should be made to pay for the entire outing....., just like the rest of his serfs would do!!!! Give me a stinkin' break...., I don't want to pay for his and Michele's date night.....geez!!!!

KTA June 02, 2009 | 6:19 PM

Here's what the Obamas' date night cost me: 30 minutes waiting for a train that wasn't coming (thanks to presidential re-routing of the subway), one subway fare, $22 in cab fare from SoHo to midtown, and 45 minutes missed of the first act of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play I was on my way to see (RUINED by Lynn Nottage). Thrilled that they're so romantic, but beyond annoyed that I and countless others in the city were unapologetically inconvenienced to accomodate their date.

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