Parker Is Peeved

Sarah Jessica Parker is furious with the tabloids after pictures of her surrogate were published.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick hit the townThe woman carrying Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick's twins is now being followed by photographers. Parker has had enough.

Parker tells Access Hollywood that the entire episode leaves her shaken. "It's hard because things are hurtful and things are shocking," the actress says.

The Sex and the City star has always been a favorite of the paparazzi. The New York press had a field day with rumors that Broderick was unfaithful. That was never proven true and is only the first of the salacious stories to hit the papers with Sarah Jessica Parker's name in the headline.

SJP is currently filming a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant (great casting!) entitled, Did You Hear About the Morgans?

What we really want to know about is the Sex and the City sequel. Will Carrie be pregnant? The answer is not known, because even Parker has yet to see a script for the soon to be in production film. One thing is certain: the current recession will take its toll on the ladies.

"I think it's going to be very interesting — or, it should be — because you know, our country has changed significantly in a year," Parker says. "(Carrie) will have been affected and she's not an idiot. She's gonna have to change her thinking about indulgence."

When Parker was asked about how Broderick is coping with the surrogate's identity being leaked, she pulled no punches. "He's furious," she says of Broderick.

"He's angry. It's shocking daily -- because there are daily if not more-than-daily incidents. As a parent, it's so interesting how differently you function when you have a child. I have a responsibility to somebody far more important than myself. I look (at my son James Wilkie's) face and I think, ‘He can't...he doesn't need to know about this. He doesn't need to know what's upsetting me right now. It does him no good. He can't help me. He will only worry.'"

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Lisa K. May 21, 2009 | 12:57 PM

I loved in the City! I live my life the way "Carrie" does....I want to be a columnist just like her. She is an inspiration for life, love, and what the meaning of true friendship entails. I hope the best for her....and I hope for a and the City sequal soon!

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