Bo Debuts April 14

The Obamas finally have their puppy. President Obama and First Lady Michelle are set to announce the First Dog's arrival in a press conference April 14 -- but the news has already leaked.

Bo is set for his White House debutThe most anticipated dog in the nation has already met the Obamas and it was love at first sight.

A six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog was named Bo by Sasha and Malia Obama. The First Daughters chose the name because the family's cousins have a cat named Bo, and Michelle's father was nicknamed Diddley, in reference to the legendary Bo Diddley.Bo is a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy to the First Family and is one of the few breeds that is good with children with allergies. A very active dog, the Humane Society of the United States stresses that these dogs need lots of room to run. Good thing the White House has a few lawns!Bo was first introduced to Sasha, Malia, Michelle and President Obama a few weeks earlier in a meet-and-greet session to ensure everybody got along. Sasha and Malia immediately fell in love. Apparently, Bo is quite a smart dog and knows who's boss. As soon as the President got up from a family pet session with Bo, the puppy excused himself as well and followed President Obama obediently.The Obamas received the pup as a gift from Ted Kennedy who had inherited the Portuguese Water Dog from a family friend that had decided not to keep him. Although technically a rescue dog, Bo is not truly a rescued canine in the truest sense of the phrase. The Obamas promised to adopt from a local shelter when they came to the White House.The reality of that seemed harder as time went on and the demands of what the First Family would need from a First Dog. Between the allergy issue, the fact that Bo was trained by the Kennedy's dog trainer was also a huge selling point for the President and the First Lady.On a side note, the Obama family made a donation to the Washington D.C. area Humane Society.

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Joy April 13, 2009 | 4:49 PM

I have a 2 1/2 female PWD. She eats everything and is larger than the standard female. I have not found anything she will not eat. She even eats paper, dog toys, blankets. I have had her to the University of TN Vet teaching school. She has had every test under the sun and they find nothing wrong with her. She is true to her nature, and loves water. I wouldn't trade her for anything! I'll have another PWD when she is gone!

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