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Rihanna has been cut off from her family as she remains holed up with the man who allegedly beat her, and new info has surfaced implying she and Chris Brown may have married.

Chris Brown has his day in courtIn an interview with US Magazine, Rihanna's father says neither he nor the singer's mother have been able to get in touch.

"Rihanna's mother is telling me that she hasn't heard anything from her," he says. "She said the last she heard Rihanna was well."

"I've gone numb. I've heard so much. But I can't get on to her. Her mother can't get on to her, her brother told me she changed her email. Somebody has a stranglehold on her. I'm lost."

Rihanna's father has tried to call and text his daughter, but has been cut off completely.

"I'll text the old numbers she had, and I call them," he says. "One girl answered, and she said, 'This is not Robin's number anymore.' I asked, 'Do you work for Robin? Do you deal with Robin?' And the girl hung up, so I don't know what's going on anymore."

Rihanna's real name is Robyn Fenty.

Cutting off a victim from her family is, unfortunately, a classic abuser move, and now it seems Brown may have found the ultimate way of making sure Rihanna can't testify against him -- marriage.

Rumors are swirling that Rihanna and Chris Brown, who reunited merely weeks after the alleged attack, had a quick and dirty wedding ceremony while on vacation at Diddy's Miami enclave.

When asked for comment, Rihanna's peeps couldn't exactly deny it. "Sorry for the delayed response, but we aren't able to offer anything right now but will keep you in posted if that changes," Rihanna's reps says of the marriage inquiries.

If in fact the pair did wed, it may have been in a misguided attempt to enact marital privilege in court -- a law that stated spouses could not be forced to testify against each other. But there are two problems with that: one, marital privilege is no longer as strict as it once was -- many states now treat spouses as regular witnesses -- and two, Brown could be convicted soley on the strength of other evidence, without Rihanna's testimony.

The couple has been spotted together by photogs several times since Rihanna left her Mexican beach vacation solo, and that may be no accident. A source says Brown is tipping of photogs himself in a bid to get back into the public's good graces -- the only way he can save his career.

"Chris tipped off the photographers," says the source. "He needs it to be out there that he and Rihanna are back together. His only chance for a career was if she got back together with him, and he wanted people to see them there."

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Comments on "Rihanna cut off from family and married?"

whitney April 29, 2009 | 9:16 AM


abby edwards March 11, 2009 | 9:02 AM

they're youny and will grow it out its always easy 4 us on d outside looking into d situation than wen u in there urself lots of us have been there and r still her decission so wat happens next it will b her fault not wishing her bad though.2 me i wud off pressure him some more and seek advice from experience folks he may lash her again or he may not no 1 knows wat d future holds ,some of us learn from our mistakes maybe he will ,who knows only bcaz they r celebs its being circulating like that.

naddie March 08, 2009 | 2:01 PM

whatever happen between chris and rihanna we dont know the truth. So whatever decision they make is there business and there life no one can tell them what to do. Both chris and rihanna need couselling what chris did rihanna causes it to happen he is not stupid to hit her without a reason woman at time drive man to anger. So if they find themselves back together they need to stay focus. what ever decision they make they need to do it for them self and their career not the public eyes. Have and good life rihanna and chris from Jamaica ur number one fan Nadine

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