Desperate For Baby

Eva Longoria wants a baby -- and that desire might be creating a strain on her new marriage to basketball player Tony Parker.

Eva Longoria is Desperate for a baby with Tony ParkerEva Longoria is 33 years old. Longoria is smack in the middle of prime baby-making time for many career women who put off motherhood for career during their twenties.

But French hubby Parker is just 26, and under different circumstances might not consider fatherhood for another decade.

Earlier this year, when asked to verify a rumor about Eva being pregnant, the San Antonio Spurs player responded, "She's not pregnant now if that's your question," Parker said.

"I'm not thinking like that right now."

An answer like that does not bode well for Longoria's high hopes for motherhood.

A source close to Longoria and Parker recently told People magazine, "Tony isn't ready for a baby. He's much younger than Eva and at the top of his profession, while Eva is in her 'baby prime' as she calls it. She even threatened to leave him twice before he agreed."

But the pair's careers keep them away from each other so often that Eva may have to resort to Clay Aiken type activity with turkey basters to make that longed-for little Longoria-Parker.

That is if the marriage survives this bump in the road at all.

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Comments on "Eva Longoria baby woes"

Abby November 17, 2010 | 9:23 AM

Um, I know multiple people who have used in vitro or other fertility treatments and they all make turkey baster jokes all the time, so I think you all need to settle down & get a sense a humor.

oladiran tolulope December 24, 2008 | 6:12 AM

itis cool stuff

Ashley December 22, 2008 | 8:21 AM

How very sad that a heartbreaking situation that should be private is fodder for casual speculation in a blog . Whatever the truth might be , best wishes to Eva and Tony

Shawn December 21, 2008 | 8:45 PM

There is a huge difference between turkey basters and In Vitero Fertilization which is what Clay And Jaymes used. Your insensitive remark is not funny.

Judy December 21, 2008 | 7:45 PM

Caroline...really...seriously...was the comment about the turkey baster really necessary? Lots of people have trouble conceiving.... Your remark was totally inconsiderate, not only to Clay Aiken, but to others that want children, but are struggling...

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