Halloween movies come in all sizes. We at SheKnows chose 10 films that truly fright!

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5. Tremors

Kevin Bacon felt the earth move under his feet when he saw the script for Tremors and had to headline a cast of misfits who were set to tackle for whatever was terrorizing a small desert town from beneath the earth.

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward prepare to do battle

Fred Ward is the Yin to Bacon's Yang with a dash of romance in the form of a visiting geologist, Tremors is the perfect Halloween film for couples or families in search of lighter Fright-Night fare.

4. The Others

One month to the day of 9/11, Nicole Kidman's The Others arrived on America's screens. The film did well, but quickly became erased from the consciousness of America because of the horrors of that fateful day.

Nicole Kidman captivates in The Others

But upon watching the Alejandro Amenabar written and directed frightener again with a little distance from a horrible period of America's history reveals a film that is riveting on so many levels. No matter what you think you know about this film, forget it.

Kidman's performance is chilling in its power – both subtle and electrifying.

You think you know The Others? Watch it again and realize that masterful Halloween-themed scares arise from the least expected corners of Kidman's haunted house.

Looks are deceiving in American Psycho

3. American Psycho

Not so much a horror movie as a film that is impossible to shake in its ability to terrorize the viewer even though the subject of the film is the most devilish of characters.

As inhabited by Christian Bale in the role of his career, American Psycho is as much a comment on the '80s as it is a thriller.

Witnessing Bale smoothly transition from corporate office to serial killer and back again is a study in how this actor will finish his career as one of our generation's best.

2. Gothika

Halle Berry has a face that audiences feel safe watching. When she is thrown into the worst of situations, depending on the film, it can be a startling piece of cinema.

Berry hits a grand slam with her portrayal of a psychologist who ends up on the other end of a psychiatric intervention in Gothika.

1. The Birds

The Birds is Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece about a seaside town that is overcome by birds.

Scary, you're thinking 'no.' In the hands of the master of horror, The Birds is one of the film's you've heard of but never seen.

For this, or any future Halloween, The Birds needs to be part of the picture.

Images from the film will haunt all evening. Even getting ready to hit the town for Halloween, toss The Birds in the DVD and watch yourself hit the pavement with a new appreciation for All Hallow's Eve.

Run, don't walk

Happy Halloween from SheKnows!

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Comments on "The Top 10 scariest films you need to see"

Jamie Love March 21, 2009 | 7:20 AM

i think you are right except for when you put open water in the movie section. That movie is preety scary but it doesnt come close to all the other old movies like invasion of the body snatchers which you have, also halloween starring jamie lee curtis and you DONT HAVE CHILDSPLAY!!! I mean that scared the hell out of me when i first saw the orginal the all the others were preety stupied but besedes that you did a good job

Horror Movie Fan! October 31, 2008 | 11:38 PM

I have to say I completely disagree with you, and you obviously are not a true Horror Fan! If we want to get technical and include say a movie before the 1970's The "Birds" or the original "Village of the Damnned should easily make 10 and 9 even the "Bad Seed" which was later remade as "the good son". Then you have the all time scariest movie people simply think "Halloween" when they hear it, or the name of the villian and thats? Halloween! (the original by Carpenter) another masterpeice would be Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Then as we get up" into the 80's and 90's we have juicy movies such as "Hellraiser", the very first "Childsplay" a movie that anyone who saw a "corky" doll from that era just shivered when they thought of CHUCKY! (and not the recent corror/comedy crap they have thrown out as "childsplay" movies. Lets also not forget "Children of the Corn", and most recently movies such as "The Ring", "Saw" and so forth. I am sure you meant well but this list does no true horror or wannabe horror fan any justice!

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