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Train wreck television has become its own genre within Reality TV. Celebrity Rehab certainly fits that mold. Dr. Drew Pinsky's show debuted October 23 on VH1 with a new cast of characters including model Amber Smith with her pill problem and Gary Busey with his...well, it's Gary Busey!

Amber Smith gets help from Dr. DrewDr Drew became a household name because of his Loveline show on MTV and radio. But it is his rise as an expert on all things celebrity and mental that he is truly carving out a perfect niche for him. Watching him with these celebrities who are really at rock bottom is a case study in self-help with the cameras rolling.

With his first go around on Celebrity Rehab, Dr Drew had a cast of celebs who one would expect walking through the doors of Celebrity Rehab including actor Jeff Conaway (who returns this year).

This year's edition shoots higher and hits the mark in its oddly cringe-worthy way of killing two birds with one stone. Celebrities get help and at the same time - exposure.

Smith and Busey are only two of the ailing former superstars seeking a personal and professional rehabilitation.

Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler (who was booted from the band over 15 years ago for substance abuse), joins Rod Stewart's son Sean and American Idol season one finalist Nikki McKibbin, in the rehab house. And in a piece of news history meets pop culture television, Rodney King fills out the cast as the one member who may be in the most dire need of help. 

Celebrity Rehab airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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Comments on "Amber Smith and Gary Busey lead cast of Celebrity Rehab 2"

trotter October 30, 2008 | 6:37 PM

He is such a nut. I'm almost sure he's leveraging it for attention. I mean, he's on this show right? He just did a series of videos for gotvmail, and he's made virtual phone systems as crazy as celeb rehab. It's gotta be an angle, I'd be scared if he was really like that: http://gotvmail/garybuseyonbusiness/

Slipstream October 24, 2008 | 10:55 AM

If you like celebrity rehab because of Gary Busey, I'm guessing you will like these clips below. They come from Navtones who do celebrity voices for GPS. they are the real celebrities and I love haveing the likes of Busey, Mr. T, Kim Cattrall and Dennis Hopper giving me directions. Anyway. Check it out: Gary Busey & The Soup Dog Lou Presidential Debate 08: Mr. T vs Gary Busey A Day In The Life Of Gary Busey. "Nav It Your Way":

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