Shania Speaks!

Country crossover superstar Shania Twain is finally ending her silence about her pending divorce.

Shania breaks her silenceThe singer announced her separation from music producer Mutt Lange, her husband of 14 years, last month amid rumors of his affair with the couple's French personal secretary.

Shania released the following message to her fans:

"To my beloved fans:

As I am sure you have seen or heard; I am going through a rough time personally in my life. I wanted you all to know that I could not be getting through this without you.

Your letters, emails and words of encouragement give me strength. Your overwhelming support reminds me to smile, no matter how deep the pain and to always be grateful for all the beautiful blessings in my life.

I have so much to say but I know the best way for me to speak is through my music. This is my therapy, my passion, and my love. I look forward to sharing it with all of you as I begin this new journey.

I need some time to heal this broken heart but make no mistake; I will be back and hopefully stronger than ever.

Thank you my friends, from the bottom of my heart.

 Shania "

While Mutt continues to deny the affair with Marie-Anne Thiebaud, sources close to the couple say that infidelity was definitely the cause of the split. "Mutt and Marie-Anne left their spouses for each other and are still in a relationship."


Comments on "Shania Twain sends divorce message to her fans"

Lydia January 11, 2010 | 3:40 AM

Dear Shania: You are so beautiful and talented! Just keep the faith and God will see you through this difficult period in your life. Remember - we, your fans, love you! You deserve the very best of life!! Peace.

John January 07, 2010 | 5:38 AM

Shania: You are a strong, talented, and (no need to say) gorgeous woman. Now foe 27 years I've been married to a wonderful lady and we followed your career. From my perspective I loved your music and what the heck, you are darn good looking. I have a problem now and would like to put you on my "bucket" list. I watch you whenever I can on TV. You said you were coming back. I believe you will be stronger than ever and I'd like you to keep me in mind as you get there. It's funny you will be guest judge on American Idol on my birthday. I'm looking forward to it. If you are ever near Noblesville and need to get away from the crowds I'd do anything to help you out. Please reply just to let me know you are for real! John Clough Noblesville, IN 317-896-5788

Craig C. Snyder November 20, 2009 | 11:50 AM

Devorce is not an easy part of life to face. I wish all the best and prayers for Shania to move forward in her life. I'm sure there is more music yet to reliced from Shania's heart. Shania has a young boy to fill her heart with joy. I call children God's greatest gift to all of us. I thought I was going to marry the woman I was dating when "From This Moment" was Released. The break up with her was harder then my divorce. I'm sure there will be another from this moment for both Shania and myself. We need to smile and move in a positive direction from this moment on. God Bless, Craig

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