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Author Stephenie Meyer is set to have a blockbuster year. Considering the success she has had with her "Twilight" book series, it is a sure thing that the events of 2008 will eclipse Meyer's wildest dreams.

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SheKnows: They're so unpredictable -- it had to be an explosive story element as a creator.

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: It's really amazing to step back and think, 'What would I find surprising about humans?' I've been human my whole life and kind of take it for granted (laughs). So, it was an interesting exploration. I had a good time in the story and that is my measure -- if I have a good time, I'm happy.

SheKnows: Did you set out to write a story for a slightly older audience?

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: Oh, no. I don't think about that kind of thing at all. Actually I don't make that call. I send the story to my agent. She got this and said 'I think this might be more adult.' Whatever…the whole genre line is a pet peeve of mine anyway. I don't like that there are books in the YA section that people ignore and think that are for children -- they are some of the most amazing books in the world of literature. In the last year, the books that have changed my life have been YA novels. Sherman Alexie's "(Absolutely) True Diary of a Part-Time Indian." Everyone should read that book -- not just kids. It's a pet peeve, like I said.

Twilight - the movieSheKnows: For you to create for an audience that -- I know you said you write regardless of audience -- but the fact that young people,  in the last 30 years or so, have not been big readers. Does it move you?

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: Yeah, it's immensely… I don't even know… it's so big. I don't know what to say when a parent comes up to me and says, 'My daughter was not reading, and now she is.' Books were my whole life. That was my most favorite thing in the whole world. The fact I can open that door up for somebody -- if even for one person -- is amazing. To hear that over and over again is kind of crazy.

When I was writing "Twilight," it wasn't on my mind at all. I really didn't think of it. All my books have been the same with the creative process, such a joy. I don't need much beyond that, so this is extra icing. For people to be excited about my books, it really is the icing.

SheKnows: I've spoken to many mothers who share the books and are diving into "The Host" together with their children. That's another rarity from the last 30 years that, as a mother, must resonate with you on another level.

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: That's the other really cool thing about all of this. My dad and I -- through high school, that's how we communicated. We shared books. He knew what I was reading. I knew what he was reading. That was what we would talk about. That was what kept us close, through the difficult years where parents are the bad guys. I love that. I've had three generations, grandma, mom and daughter -- all reading together. (laughs) It's really cool.

'Twilight' time

SheKnows: As "Twilight" is being put on the screen, I know you said you wrote "The Host" just for yourself, but in many ways, it does also lend itself to the screen.

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: We're looking into that. We're just starting, the phone's ringing. I guess I need to discuss it. Visually, I think the caves are going to be awesome set. And the desert stuff, there are some awesome visual moments.

But the real problem is how on earth do you do Melanie/Wanderer? What -- voice-overs, do you have her talk to herself? They have the same voice. I think first you need an Oscar-level actress, secondly (laughs), you need someone with a really good idea of how to portray that visually.

SheKnows: Is it surreal for you that something so embedded in your imagination is now going to be on the screen for audiences to see?

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: Oh, yeah. I think the most surreal moment I had when I was on the set and it was a cafeteria scene. So there were literally 250 extras -- there were so many people. A giant room full of people, and all of them were there putting something together that I wrote in a quiet moment of life. It was just…wow.

SheKnows: Did you have any say in the casting?

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: A little bit. Actually, one of the nice things about working with a smaller company [Summit Entertainment], in my limited experience, is that they are much more open creatively. They are able to be flexible. That has allowed them to slot me in -- even though they weren't obligated to -- and I have a little say over script. I read it, made suggestions, and they took most of them. I have felt that I've had a chance to make it a little bit better and that they appreciate my input. It has been an ideal experience -- one that you're told you're not going to have. That is nice (laughs).

SheKnows: Well, that's why I asked, many authors haven't had that.

stephenie meyer - twilight appleStephenie Meyer: Well, the movie doesn't come out until December -- we'll see, but everything I've seen indicates it. The actors are so talented, I was surprised how good they are -- and the director is a genius. It seems they really want to make the fans happy, and I'm really looking forward to December. I think it's going to be cool. 

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Comments on "Stephenie Meyer answers a Host of questions"

Lover of Reading May 22, 2013 | 8:25 PM

I love to read books of all genres so when I first stumbled upon the Twilight Saga, I fell in love with them! They are written very well! The Host is also one of my favorite books to read too! I love 'em all! Thank you Stephenie Meyer for wroting these!

Clewlyowner February 05, 2013 | 2:04 AM

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Jess January 17, 2013 | 6:27 AM

For somebody who was never really a big fan of the Twilight Saga, I was doubtful about reading this book....but that was right after it came out. Now, I think I've read it atleast 4 times, because it's one of those books that you just want to keep reading. I never want to get to the ending. It's that good! I have been waiting for a sequal since the day I discovered this book. I'm not so into the idea of a movie though, I don't think it can live up to the books, the same way the Twilight Movies just ruined that parts of the Twlight Saga I actually liked. Even that said, I'm defenitally a fan of Stephinie Meyer after this book, I've never read something so heart stopping and deep, that made me look at life from so many new angles Thank you Stephinie, I am looking forward to the next two books!

Ethededyeta January 04, 2013 | 9:03 PM

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Veronica April 20, 2010 | 8:41 AM

OMG!!! The Host was just as the twilight series! I was so suspenful that my muscles were like sore of how hard i was holding my book.

angie0718 March 20, 2010 | 1:53 PM

I would be thrilled if a movie to "The Host" came out. It is one of the best books that i have read in all my 15 years of life. "The Host" made me look at life in a whole new perspective. I'm eternally grateful that you came out with this book.

Jamie February 16, 2010 | 10:13 AM

Is there a movie of the host yet?

Briana February 11, 2010 | 6:21 AM

I love the Twilight Saga, so it was no suprise that I became quickly obsessed with The Host. Stephenie Meyer is the most brilliant author since William Shakespeare. I don't think anyone is as talented as Stephenie. I thank God for her brilliant mind and her amazing creativity and imagination.

Mel February 10, 2010 | 6:57 AM

as thrilling and addicting the Twilight series was, i must say that The Host surpassed it in all areas. I found myself completely enthralled in the world of the souls and i read the book several times over. however, i am hesitant on wether its a book that can be portrayed in a movie. there are so many deep messsages and plot lines that the actors would have to be amazing, close to perfect. i feel the actors in twilight(edward and bella) were not as good as they could have been. Props on the awesome book though, i hope to be reading a sequel to The Host soon :)

kristin e February 09, 2010 | 5:56 PM

are you religus becuases in your book twilight it has a vesre after the contentsabout genesis 2:17

Blake January 02, 2010 | 5:52 PM

The host is a really great book that I liked as much or more then the twilight series and I hope the movie will be great but with this movie there will only be many more people demanding a sequel to the host

Rei September 23, 2009 | 8:22 PM

William moseley and ben barnes should be in the HOST movie!!!

Aryn August 27, 2009 | 6:45 PM

I love all her books, but I think The Host was the best. Don't think they should make it into a movie... maybe a TV show-- to comp for a movie. I hope that she makes another book, there are so many unanswered Q's. Like,what happens with Burns--I mean HE is a soul to so Ian has to be jealous. And what about all the mixed feelings with the four? And what about the other clans? And the promise Wanda made to herself about giving Ian the whole human... partner? And all the drama about being a mother? And is the world going to be ruled by the souls or is eveyone going to die?

Claudine August 05, 2009 | 10:00 AM

The Twilight series bloooooooooows my mind....when ever I think abt the books tears run down my eyes...I think its tears of joy but my emotions abt the series are SOOOO very overwhelming. Im not a reader and this was truly my first real novel(s). I read all four books in five days, I was so fascinated and they were so addicting. I could barely eat or sleep, I couldn't even talk to my friends and i've never thought that a book will make me feel this way. It’s truly crazy...sorta unexplainable. Thanks Stephenie, u've really opened my eyes to a new light... I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!

Taylor June 25, 2009 | 10:29 PM

I loved the Twilight Series soo much when i first read them all.. iloved them so much i had already reread them like three times in a month.. i couldn't get them out of my mind until i read The Host.. i never thought id say there was a book out there better than the twilight series.. but here it is and by the same author!! I have read many many many books before and out of all of them my top five are all by stephenie meyer! shes amazing! I am absolutely in love with this book, and yes it made me cry at the end..haha. I've heard rumors about it being made into a movie!! OH MY GOSH that would be soooooo amazing!! THEY HAVE TOO.. IT'S A MUST! and Ian sooo needs to be Drew Fuller!! Anyways..please please please make it into a movie!!!! pretty please.

kaceeeeeeeeeyyyyyy June 04, 2009 | 7:21 AM

:]]]] yay!!! i am so excited!!!! i got the twilight series and read it it a week. then i got the host and also read it in a week and i cried!! i have read the host about 5 times and loved it every time! i love the host!!! i think it is much beter than twilight! a first i thought twilight was the best ever...but now...the host is deffiantely better!!! and i would be ecstatic if there were more sequels!! i think that jared, melanie, ian, wanda, and everybody else on the raid will introduce the other group of rebels to their litte coven and then the story will soo off from there and ut will be amazing!!!!! and i want a movie soo bad!!!!! and, please dont us the old people. in the book they are describd as why would you put older people tp play the part? it just deosnt make sense to me. stepheie, you are such an inspiration to me!! like a year ago i hated reading. no matter what it was.and now. i read all of the time!! i somtimes get in trouble because all i do i read! i cant wait to read your future projects!!! i love you!!! oh kay! sorry this is so long!! i just have a lot to say. so i think that most of you can agree with me: STOP HATIN ON MEYER!!! I YOU CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE--THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! (please dont email me!)

Chasity May 30, 2009 | 8:41 PM

Hi, again. Sorry that I am sending another message but I just forgot to tell you this. When I read the Twilight books I felt as if I were in the story. Edward Cullen was like a real person to me. Every time he spoke in the story I got chills. It felt like I was really near him. I saw everything so clearly... like I was just standing there watching the everyone's every move, it was all so vivid. I loved it by every inch. But when it was all over, I was dying for more. All the suprises and romance was something that I never experienced before. It was so wonderful! I always thought, how does Stephanie Meyer come up with this stuff, it's CRAZY. ( In a good way ) As I was saying, Every character in the book was so detailed you did'nt seem to have forgotten any details at all. And your writing inspired me. At school I feel like I can say so much more in my writing than before. It's GREAT! , and I thank you so much for you isperation!

Chasity May 30, 2009 | 8:29 PM

Hi Stephaine Meyer, this is Chasity and I just finished all the twilight books and I loved them all. I also read "Midnight Sun", well the part that you wrote, and I was wondering if you are going to finish it. After all the books were over I had this strange feeling in my stomach, it felt weird, I never felt it before, and I felt really sad that it was all... OVER! So that's why I wanted to know. Thank you for your time. P.S. I'M YOUR BIGGEST TWILIGHT FAN EVER!!!!!! :D

Nikkimeg May 29, 2009 | 6:59 PM

Loved the Host, Best book ever. made me cry at the end. i want there to be a sequel of it!! they should make it into a movie

oksana May 03, 2009 | 7:03 PM

so there relly making the host a movie?!?!?

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