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Female celebrities and supermodels are hailed as the standard of beauty and fitness. Their svelte figures and radiant energy can make you blanch, even on your most confident of days. Did you know that having an A-list body is not reserved for celebrities only? Here are the latest fitness trends and superstar secrets that you, too, can do to get fit!

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Tips to get fit like a star

You don't have to be a celebrity to get an A-list bod! According Zuckerbrot, "The truth is, almost all celebrities have personal trainers and nutritionists to help them achieve their fantastic, paparazzi-ready bodies. But their nutrition and exercise routines are often not as difficult as you'd think to emulate." The key is to stop wanting a star physique and actually do something to get it.

1. Get moving and stay challenged.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer Adrian Garce of Greenwich, Connecticut says "Celebrities that stay fit have discipline in sticking with their fitness regime. They are working out four to five days a week -- cardio and weights -- with routines changing weekly so their bodies are constantly challenged, preventing muscles from adapting to the same routines." That means exercising most days of the week at a level that is challenging and not falling into a one-exercise rut.


2. Do full-body workouts.

Functional full-body fitness works for a reason -- it involves all of your muscles working together so you burn more calories and more fat as well as build strength and tone. Dixon promotes smarter fitness, "Healthy stars are seen participating in combo strength-training and cardio-conditioning workouts -- getting it all done in less time -- as an effective way to train." And don't forget your fitness tools -- such as the kettlebells, fitness balls and balance boards -- they can help you work every muscle in your body and give you that core strength so important for a tight torso and enviable posture.


3. Use your mind and body.

Instead of zoning out on a treadmill or not working out at all, integrate fitness modalities that are mentally stimulating and enjoyable for you. Try yoga or Pilates or do something different, like a group fitness class. Zuckerbrot says, "Yoga is a great way to sculpt and strengthen, and it also has internal benefits such as metabolism regulation, circulatory benefits and stress relief." And for those seeking fun fitness, she adds "Strip-dancing and pole-dancing workouts are great for sculpting and cardio. You can find classes at local dance studios and gyms. These workouts can also help you feel more confident in your body, which is never a bad thing!"


4. Focus on fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Extreme dieting may help you quickly lose weight but only a healthy, realistic diet is going to keep the weight off. Instead of low-calorie plans or cutting out complete food groups, simply focus your diet on more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. According to fitness guru High Voltage, "Stay away from foods that rob you of energy. Focus on unprocessed foods that are full of life because they will, in turn, give you life." And when it comes to losing weight, Zuckerbrot says, "I always tell clients 'fiber and protein at every meal, makes losing weight no big deal.' Focus on high fiber and lean protein and you can achieve similar results without going to extremes." It may take longer to lose weight but it increases your chances of keeping it off.


5. Commit, commit, commit.

You will not achieve a superstar body unless you dedicate time to working out and eating accordingly. It is true that celebrities have more resources and a career motivation to stay fit but, by and large, it is their commitment to exercise and diet that affords them their awesome physiques. Even if you cannot afford a daily trainer and dietician, you can check into getting a few personal training sessions or nutritional consults. Try the buddy system. Zuckerbrot recommends, "Find a friend who you can work out with. If you're both committed to healthier eating and exercising, it will make it easier to reach your fitness goals together."


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I don't think it is that big of a deal. I sometimes photoshop pictures I give to my boyfriend or put on my Myspace. I work out a fairly good bit, but sometimes if I'm posing against a door or something and my tummy sticks out a bit or maybe I just should have applied more powder to my face than I did, so I just fix it up a bit. I think the images give girls something to work toward. Impossible dreams are how people get noticed, and how they get where they are. Instead of banning photoshop, models and icons should uphold the 'healthy' look. The only way to get that look? Being healthy. We've come a long way. Now everyone wants the hour-glass shape. This is a good thing, because now being super skinny isn't concidered pretty, it's scary. It's sort of like the virginity rules thing, the fact is that teens are probably going to have . The best thing to do is advise them to wait until marriage, but inform them about std's and how to use protection, and put them on birth control when they ask for it or when you feel they are of age for it. Few teens have common since, the parents are often not around and turn to media. This isn't the media's fault, it's just not so good parenting at fault. Source: I used to have these issues to a minor degree. I had to help myself because no one else could. Parents need to stop freaking out, and find their common since. Get involved in their children's life and help them get where they want to be without taking dangerous short-cuts.

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