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This Is Us' Chrissy Metz is the perfect combo of brains, beauty and talent

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Chrissy Metz, will you please take time out of your busy This Is Us schedule to be our BFF?

If you're like us, by now you've probably completely fallen in love with NBC's new show This Is Us. From the tear-jerking storylines to the well-timed snippets of comic relief and back to the insane plot twists they keep throwing our way — it's safe to say we're enamored.

It's also safe to say we are beyond obsessed with the show's entire cast. They're a crazy-talented ensemble that includes the likes of Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley — but the breakout performer who's stolen our hearts is, without a doubt, Chrissy Metz.

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Find out why.

1. She earned her success

While Hollywood certainly has its fair share of overnight success stories, Metz is not one of them. No, she had to claw her way to the big-time through hard work and determination, and it makes us admire her that much more.

Metz chatted with SheKnows about how difficult it was to balance acting with trying to pay the bills early on in her career.

"It’s just about trying to find your footing," Metz told us of striking a balance between working a day job, studying the craft and going out on auditions. "But I also felt like, 'What am I doing? I’m gonna get stuck in a vortex.'"

But Metz persevered and ended up on a hit NBC show. It doesn't get much better than that.

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2. She has a healthy outlook on life

#bts #tbt to that amazing thing we did that we're all crossing our fingers about #patienceisavirtue

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Metz may have struggled while coming up, but the experience hasn't made her hardened or bitter. In fact, it's made her appreciate everything that's happening now that much more.

"Success is about happiness and what makes you happy and not necessarily how many shows you booked that year or how much money you have in your bank account," Metz told us. "Because all those things are fleeting. But it was so important for me to go on this journey the way I did — because I believe everything happens for a reason. So while it was really difficult, there's a lot of humility and I’m really grateful for the whole scope of what happened."

3. The girl can sang

We got a little taste of Metz's voice in the third episode of This Is Us, but her performance in the old-folks home was really just the tip of the iceberg.

4. She knows life is all about love


A photo posted by Chrissy Metz (@chrissymetz) on

"The stories we are made to believe — that if we look this way, drive this car, live in that zip code, we will ultimately be happy. We constantly compare and compete with one another — and for what?" she said in an interview with Chubstr. "We all want the same thing. We all just want to be respected and admired. That all boils down to love. We end up sacrificing who we truly are just to get back to the place that we originated from, which is love."

5. She was in frickin' American Horror Story

OH, heyyyy, Monday morning! How you dooooin'? #alwayscomfy

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AHS has been our obsession for years, and Metz was amazing as Ima Wiggles in the Freak Show season. But what's even more impressive than her performance in Freak Show is her feeling about her character.

"I would like to think talent 'weighs' out, but plus-size actresses are still typically the butt of the joke in the storyline," she told Chubstr. "What was especially wonderful in Freak Show was that, not only was Ima accepted into the freak family, but she accepted herself, first. It was also really refreshing to see a big girl who was attractive, and dare I say, sought after. Hair/makeup and costumes really made me feel pretty, no matter what size I was. Can I get an Amen?"


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6. She's honestly touched by the This Is Us response

Metz was open with SheKnows about being grateful regarding the amazing reaction audiences have had to This Is Us, and for her, it has made all her earlier struggles worth it.

"I’ve had these responses from men and women who’ve been so kind and loving and wonderful and gracious and it’s overwhelming," she told us. "It's really overwhelming, but I feel truly in my heart that we're here to commune, and we're a community, and to be close as human beings and to make — we're all here to help each other and if I can do that while pursuing my dreams, it's unreal."

7. She's a hopeless romantic

Metz is a sucker for love poems, and counts R.M. Drake as one of her faves.

"I'm a hopeless romantic. I romanticize everything," she wrote on Instagram. "I love poems. I love poems about love. That's just the way it is."

8. Her Snapchat game is strong

Elenore. #bringherback #snapchat #cupcakewars #coconutdebris

A video posted by Chrissy Metz (@chrissymetz) on

"I don't eat trash." Metz's alter ego Elenore is priceless.

9. And her Old English accent is nothing short of amazing

Packin' and snappin' Old English style themids929

A video posted by Chrissy Metz (@chrissymetz) on

Seriously, follow her on Snapchat tout de suite (username: themids929).

10. She's fierce

But where can one purchase these glasses? #butlikeforreal

A photo posted by Chrissy Metz (@chrissymetz) on

Metz is a self-proclaimed lipstick enthusiast, according to her Twitter bio. This reason, coupled with everything mentioned above is exactly why we want her to be our best friend forever.

Are you as in love with Chrissy Metz as we are?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Chrissy Metz, will you please take time out of your busy This Is Us schedule to be our BFF?
Image: Paul Drinkwater/NBC
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