Miles Teller of War Dogs and Fantastic Four fame, has some exciting personal news to celebrate. While on an African safari with his longtime girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry, Teller proposed. Happily, Sperry said yes, and the pictures the couple took to celebrate the momentous occasion are truly next-level amazing.

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They've been together so long, we can't say we're exactly surprised by the news, especially considering how Sperry described the actor as one of her best friends back when they were just dating, which was adorbs and clearly a good sign.

So what do we know about the woman who has managed to steal Teller's heart?

1. She's a model

Sperry is repped by LA Models, and we can totally see why.

2. And aspiring actress

Sperry appeared in the short film Opeth: The Devil's Orchard in 2012, according to IMDb. While her acting career cooled off for a few years, she's set to appear in the short drama film Bliss this year. If the big screen is in her future, she can definitely get some grade A acting tips from her man.

3. She loves the Olsen twins

Who doesn't love a good Mary-Kate and Ashley marathon?

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4. Drinking wine is her self-proclaimed hobby

Same, though, TBH.

5. She slays the red carpet — both alone and with Teller by her side

Hottest red carpet couple awards?

6. She hates candids

But she really loves them.

7. She loves the oldies

She's met Billy Joel and The Who — and documented both on Instagram.

8. She's a dog mom

And she dresses her baby up in cute clothes like any good dog mom would.

9. She's in with his grandparents

Not only was Teller more than happy to introduce Sperry to his parents, he brought her home to meet the whole fam. "I brought her to meet my grandparents," he said in a 2014 interview with Elle magazine. "My grandma tweets my girlfriend."

10. And his friends

The upside of having a celeb boyfriend: You get to roll with a pretty fantastic squad.

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11. That kind of low-key includes the Obamas

Of course they've met the greatest First Family of our generation.

12. She comes from a big family

Sperry has five siblings and is totally stoked that her family is quickly multiplying.

13. She's inspired by her man

OK, but how sweet is that?