We've learned by now that all of the most interesting celebs are the ones who don't flaunt every minute of their lives on Instagram. You know, they're the ones out contributing to society and doing super amazing things instead of posting up on social media. Case in point? Pharrell Williams and his wife, Helen Lasichanh.

Williams likes to keep his life on the down low, and Lasichanh is even more private than her husband — but what we do know about Lasichanh is that she's a super interesting woman.

1. She marches to the beat of her own drum

Image: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When the couple stepped out for the Met Gala this year, Lasichanh rocked a puffy that looked like a giant red cloud. In a sea of teeny-tiny — and majorly uncomfortable — dresses, Lasichanh dared to be different. Can we get a "hell ya"?

2. She cares about giving back

For the past two years in a row, Lasichanh and Williams have been spotted serving food to the less fortunate at the Los Angeles Mission Christmas Celebration.

3. She's a model and designer

In fact, Lasichanh regularly makes Huffington Post best-dressed lists and has garnered some serious love from them along with other news outlets.

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4. Pharrell had to be super patient to win her over

When Williams and Lasichanh met, she had a boyfriend and wouldn't look twice at the handsome musician. He had to settle with just being friends with her for two and a half years, until she became single again, and even then he had to work hard. According to an interview with Oprah, she played hard to get, not even responding to half his texts! Looks like her ploy worked, though, because Pharrell doubled down on his determination until she fell for him.

5. She was his longtime girlfriend before they got hitched

Once they started dating, neither Williams nor Lasichanh were that eager to walk down the aisle until they were good and ready. The couple dated for years before confirming their engagement in July 2013 and were married just a few months later in October.

6. She wore plaid at her wedding

What else would you expect from an avant-garde fashionista at her wedding? On their big day, the trendsetting bride and groom reportedly wore plaid from head-to-toe, and many other guests dressed in tartans.

7. They look amazing together

Image: C Flanigan/Getty Images

Pharrell has always kept his fashion — and his music — out-of-the-box, and for that reason, we believe he chose the perfect mate. At awards shows, like the Grammys, and at Fashion Week, Lasichanh and her beau are known for showing up in complementary, cutting-edge styles, dressed to the nines.

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Originally published August 2015. Updated June 2017.

8. She and Pharrell made the most adorable mini-Pharrell

Lasichanh and Williams have a son named Rocket Ayer, who will probably be the most fashionable young man in his kindergarten class. Seriously, look at that face!

Williams wrote a song for Rocket that you can hear on the soundtrack to Despicable Me. It's called "Rocket’s Theme" and is all about how happy Rocket makes his parents.

9. She was a volleyball player

Lasichanh was a star volleyball player at St. Thomas University in Miami. Can't you just imagine her model face fiercely staring down opponents on the courts? Talk about intimidating!

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10. She and Pharrell are besties

Williams has said that everyone should marry their best friend, and he told Today that "every night is like a sleepover" when it comes to his marriage to Lasichanh.

11. She just had baby No. 2 babies No. 2, 3 and 4

Lasichanh and Williams confirmed in September that they are expecting their second child, and the couple were spotted out and about over the holidays, with Lasichanh's cute baby bump on full display. Then, in late January, Williams' rep announced that they had welcomed triplets. Five months later, and details have yet been released on the names or sexes of the babies.