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10 Sexist Super Bowl commercials (VIDEOS)

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These Super Bowl commercials have men pegged as simpleminded beasts

It was a very exciting weekend in football, and the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will be heading to Santa Clara, California, for Super Bowl 50.

How did we stumble across this information? By watching the playoff games, of course! While the fact that us women were watching sports may not come as a huge surprise to most, it's probably safe to bet that the masterminds behind a lot of famous Super Bowl commercials would be shocked. I mean, they've spent millions of dollars in advertising money creating spots that are obviously geared towards men and reduce women to sexual stereotypes, so they must not think we're watching, right?

From women fighting with each other in their bras, to women eating vegetables in their bras, and back to women waiting around for flowers in their bras, there are tons of ads that objectify females. Did we mention there are women in bras?

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The public has caught on to the sexism that exists in Super Bowl ads and has fought back over the past couple of years by tweeting #NotBuyingIt and referencing some of the more offensive commercials. Companies seem to have taken notice. Though the amount of insulting ads seems to be decreasing and H&M even overcompensated by gracing us with a pretty sexy David Beckham spot, the Super Bowl still remains largely to be seen as a male-dominated, beer-drinking, testosterone-infused event.

But if women are offended by the way Super Bowl advertising execs stereotype us, men should be just as offended, if not more. Clearly they have males pegged as simple-minded beasts who will do anything a scantily clad woman tells them to do.

Here's a look at some of the most sexist Super Bowl commercials. Be advised: This is just a sampling, not an all-inclusive list.

1. Britney Spears Superbowl Commercial

2002 was a great year for those who still had a "not that innocent" crush on Britney Spears. Everybody got to ogle a bare-bellied Britney gyrating around cans of Pepsi for a good minute.

2. Miller Lite: "Catfight"

In this 2003 ad, two men weave a tale of two women aggressively fighting over beer in their underwear, as their scathing girlfriends look on. Women fighting are funny and sexy, right?

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3. Bud Light: "Yoga"

Because objectifying women during yoga class is now a spectator's sport.

4. Teleflora: "Valentine's Day"

The message of this ad is plainly spelled out by Adriana Lima: If a man presents a woman with flowers, then she is a sure thing. The company clearly thinks that females are simple, delicate creatures who will offer themselves up sexually when given gifts.

5. Victoria's Secret featuring Adriana Lima

Lima is back again to convey another simple message: Hey, guys! As soon as the game is over, make your woman don lingerie and get laid!

6. Kia featuring Adriana Lima and Motley Crüe

Because women don't have anything to dream about that's worthwhile besides rainbows, butterflies and our knight in shining armor, while men dream of general baddassery and, surprise, surprise, a half-naked Adriana Lima.

7. Fiat: "Seduction"

Women come running when men leer at them in public, according to this ad. This commercial reinforces exactly what non-profit, Hollaback, tried to disprove in October: Women like to be catcalled.

8. GoDaddy: Bar Refaeli's "Big Kiss Perfect Match"

Why is she the "sexy one" and he's the "smart one"? It's possible to be a woman, be sexy and be smart all at the same time.

9. PETA: "Veggie Love"

Oh, PETA. Your heart is in the right place, but just no.

10. Carl's Jr.: Charlotte McKinney All-Natural "Too Hot for TV"

Carl's Jr. banks on the belief that sex sells — quite literally — as they use a barely clothed model to sell a juicy burger while strolling about a farmers market. Carl's Jr.'s ad featuring Charlotte McKinney was so racy, in fact, that it was banned before Super Bowl XLIX aired.

These Super Bowl commercials have men pegged as simpleminded beasts

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