If you saw 2014's The Theory of Everything and didn't cry, you might not be human. I mean, come on, Stephen and Jane Hawking's story is both gut-wrenching and inspirational — it has all the makings of a total blubber-fest.

That being said, the movie didn't cover everything about Stephen's life. The focus of the film is about Stephen and Jane's relationship, and it leaves out some other very important facts about one of the world's greatest minds.

The Theory of Everything is still a must-see, but we can't help but want to round out a couple other things about Stephen.

1. Stephen Hawking's marriage to his second wife also ended in divorce

The Theory of Everything depicts the challenging marriage between Stephen (Eddie Redmayne) and Jane Hawking (Felicity Jones). Eventually, the couple divorced and Stephen married his nurse, Elaine Mason (Maxine Peake). Stephen and Elaine divorced in 2006, after 11 years of marriage.

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2. Elaine has been alleged of abusing him

In 2003, Stephen Hawking's own daughter, Lucy, reported mysterious injuries on her father to the police. According to the Daily Mail, "Prof Hawking declined to explain how his injuries had come about. A number of his former nurses, however, were in no doubt. They alleged that over the years his wife inflicted a catalogue of injuries on the vulnerable scientist: fractured his wrist by slamming it on to his wheelchair; humiliated him by refusing him access to a urine bottle, leaving him to wet himself; gashed his cheek with a razor, allowed him to slip beneath the water while in the bath, ensuring water entered the tracheotomy site in his throat; and left him alone in his garden during the hottest day of the year so long that he suffered heatstroke and severe sunburn."

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Originally published January 2015. Updated March 2017.

3. He believes in aliens and is afraid of them

On the Discovery Channel show, Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist said through his computer-generated voice that, "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach. To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational."

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4. He loves strippers

According to the Daily Beast, "Hawking became a regular at Stringfellows strip club in London." The scientist has also reportedly been "spotted numerous times getting lap dances at the California strip club Devore, and was even said to have frequented Freedom Acres, a swinger's club in California."

5. Jane and Stephen Hawking are polar opposites

While Stephen came from a highly intellectual family that some even called eccentric, Jane Wilde came from less academically minded parents. Her choice to attend university back in the 1960s was considered to be quite bold because she was a woman. However, it's this polarity in the relationship that really sparked Eddie Redmayne's interest. "They were very different people, both extraordinary yet polar opposites. The idea of two human beings completing one another and defying all the odds I found compelling — and oh, was it romantic!" said Redmayne.

The Theory of Everything is now on Amazon and iTunes. Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his performance in the film.

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