Fans Aren't Spending Money On Her Film

Katherine Heigl was one of Hollywood's biggest stars a few years ago. Now her independent film is struggling to raise funds.
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Katherine Heigl has struggled with her career post-Grey's Anatomy. In addition to reports that she is difficult to work with, her latest film project is struggling to raise funds for post-production.

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Heigl shot an indie film called Jenny's Wedding about a gay woman who decides to live her life honestly and openly by marrying her girlfriend. Her conservative family is conflicted by the news because they thought the two women were just roommates.

The former ABC star isn't the only familiar name attached to the project. Other celebrities include two-time Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson, Meryl Streep's daughter Grace Gummer and former Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel, who plays Heigl's fiancée.

The movie wrapped in November and the producers are seeking funds to finish off the editing and other post-production needs like music, color correction and sound mixing. They are seeking $150,000, but unlike other celebrity crowdfunding ventures, the team has had a hard time raising money. To date, the film has only $18,000 in the pot.

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The fundraiser ends on March 28, so Heigl has been working hard to get the word out on her Twitter feed.

It seems that fans are not responding to some of the bigger perks that are offered to donors. The creative team is offering a personalized signed post from Heigl, a screening and reception with the cast in Los Angeles or Cleveland and the wedding dress the star wore in the film. So far, no one has jumped at any of those prizes.

With Zach Braff, James Franco and Kristen Bell all mounting successful fundraising campaigns, have fans finally tired of Hollywood asking for money? Or is this an unfortunate effect of Heigl's career stumbles?

Would you donate to Katherine Heigl's crowdfunding campaign?

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Comments on "Katherine Heigl: Crowdfunding for film is a bust"

Bruce Macintyre February 19, 2014 | 4:31 PM

Box Office Mojo for her film The Nut Job: Worldwide: $62,960,926 Some bust!

Matthew February 17, 2014 | 3:21 PM

As someone who has had 2 successful funding projects people have to understand there is an art to crowdfunding it's not enough to have big names or even an interesting concept. You have to hustle, make people feel they are a part of something special and offer enticing rewards for pledging. It may have a bit to do with Heigl not being the most popular but there are unknowns who have funded massive projects. Also people on kickstarter like myself have a natural hesitation to fund projects from big celebs because we feel they can find a way to make the project without our help.

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