She Sides With Vanessa Paradis

She hasn't dated him in years, but Winona Ryder sure has an opinion on Johnny Depp's engagement to Amber Heard.


She might have been engaged to him years ago, but Winona Ryder doesn't approve of Johnny Depp's fiancée Amber Heard. According to RadarOnline, the 42-year-old actress finds their relationship "inappropriate."

Ryder dated The Lone Ranger star from 1989 until the couple broke up in 1993. She did have "a respectful relationship with Johnny for years afterward, but she soured on any idea of an acting reunion after Johnny hooked up with Amber."

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There had been rumors that Ryder was interested in teaming up with Depp and filmmaker Tim Burton again after their successful collaboration on Edward Scissorhands in 1990. The source of the actress's ire is the 23-year age difference between her ex and Heard.

Ryder also seems to side with Depp's former love, Vanessa Paradis, who was reportedly left behind by her longtime partner for the 27-year-old actress.

RadarOnline's source revealed, "The way he conducted that affair really upset Winona and turned her off to Johnny."

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It also appears that the Girl, Interrupted star isn't getting much support from their mutual friends.

"The thing she especially can't stand is how all of Johnny's middle-aged friends, even Tim Burton, are cheering this relationship on like it's appropriate, when Winona is telling her own friends that it's absolutely not. She's pulled a 180 on her opinion of Johnny and his cronies because she thinks it's a sad cliché that he'd dump his long-term baby mama for a woman in her 20s," said the insider.

Will Depp and Heard even make it to the altar? At the age of 50, the Pirates of the Caribbean star hasn't walked down the aisle since 1983 from his first marriage to Lori Anne Allison. Perhaps Ryder's anger is all for naught.

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Comments on "Winona Ryder doesn't approve of Johnny Depp's relationship"

Valletta February 16, 2014 | 4:08 PM

Winona is not alone in her opinion of this god awful union of Depp and Heard. Read just about every comment on any sight that mentions these two and there is nothing but negative comments and disgust among the public at large. Johnny Depp is acting pathetic and this fame seeking user that has leached onto him is nothing but a high priced fame- -----. She certainly can not act. So the only way she can make herself famous is to become attached to Johnny Depp's name, even if it is "home wrecker". I don't think anyone buys that she would ever be with a 50 year old man if he was not super rich and buying her off. They both come off as shallow and gross. I do not doubt Winona's feelings on this matter at all.

Gala February 01, 2014 | 6:45 PM

@Inside Source Don't pretend to be an insider when you are obviously not. This is all none of Winona's business and I'm pretty sure that she wishes him nothing but happiness. He didn't cheat or anything he just started dating after his break up and moved on and dating someone who loves him isn't exactly chasing them. How did he left his family when his kids, mum, sister are living with him? Amber is a 28 years old grown up woman who is pushing 30 and not a child so please shut up and don't judge other people for something you know nothing about.

Inside source February 01, 2014 | 4:45 AM

Although a lot of stories that come out in magazines have a lot or some fiction to them that does not mean that this opinion of Winona's is not true. She is very much appalled by Johnny Depp's actions. She was thinking of working with him but is so upset by his actions of late that she refuses to. She see's plainly that Vanessa's position could have very well been hers and feel much empathy for Vanessa. I am friends with several of the same people in Winona's circle. I am an actress and a model and know a lot of the people involved. Winona is not alone in her opinion of Heard. Most of the suits in Hollywood are against this new young girlfriend of Depp's because they say it hurts his Disney, family image. therefore making him less bankable. They are looking at it from a $$ point of view where as Winona and others are looking at it as improper and shady. according to the vast majority of opinions in Hollywood, not to mention the public at large, People are disturbed by the fact that Depp cheated on his long time love and left his family to chase after a girl who is young enough to be his daughter. It has very much tarnished john's image.

Andee January 31, 2014 | 5:10 PM

This article is so ridiculous and a complete fabrication. Although Winona is not in the spotlight as much as she used to be, i'm pretty sure she's ok with that. She's wouldn't vie for publicity by making comments on the relationship of someone she was with over 20 years ago. She's not a woman who will dwell on the past I'm positive she's moved on. I'm sure she's not worrying about Johnny and his relationship because she has a beautiful relationship of her own to put her energy into. She's been happily dating co-founder of Loomstate Scott Mackinlay Hahn for the past 2-3 years now. The media is just trying to put more drama and attention on Johnny Depp and his gf Amber Heard & using Winona's name to stir it up.I mean come on, where are your "sources"?! Oh right, they're made up in your head. This article is invalid.

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