Can It Be True?

On the next two episodes of Beauty and the Beast Vincent will have to rescue Cat, Tess and Tori from hostage situations at the precinct and then he'll be faced with J.T.'s kidnapping. We're in for some tension!

BaTB Bye by Tori main

The CW has released photos and summaries of the next two episodes of Beauty and the Beast and it looks like fans might be pleased with the way the story arc is set to progress. Be warned, there are spoilers in this post, so if you don't like to know what's coming, then look away.

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On the Monday, Jan. 27 episode "Held Hostage," Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) is in possession of yet another rare necklace that criminals want to get their hands on. It doesn't seem her dad did her many favors before he died or after! The bad guys want it so badly they take Tori, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) hostage in the precinct.

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Apparently, Vincent (Jay Ryan) is their only hope of rescue, but to save them, he might have to risk showing the entire police force the beast inside. Now that he's unmasked himself and gone public, that's a much riskier move than it would have been before. Will he do it to save Cat and the others? Take a look at the photos:

BaTB Held Hostage 1

This guy is alive — but not for long.

BaTB Held Hostage 2

Oh no. The poor guy is dead. There's a knife sticking out of his chest. Who did it? Vincent was just strangling him — he has no need for knives. Will Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) pull it out?

BaTB Held Hostage 3

Vincent has that look on his face; the one of determination. Is he taking his money? Nice! The knife is gone. The wound didn't bleed much.

BaTB Held Hostage 4

The shot above is grainy, leading us to believe Vincent is in the dark. There are some deep shadows as well. There were no shots released of the hostages being held, but he must be in the precinct trying to save them here. Go Vincent!

On the Monday, Feb. 3 episode "Recipe for Disaster," J.T. gets kidnapped. There's no rest for the weary on Beauty and the Beast. Cat and Vincent decide to work together to try to find him, but Tori takes it upon herself to intervene with "fatal consequences." (Those are not my words.)

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In the past, beasts have been known to have some healing powers, so we could be in for a bit of trickery here, but the words and the photos seem promising. We'll also meet a stranger (Tom Everett Scott) who is rescued along with J.T. (Austin Basis), who's not only a friend of Agent Dana Landon (Elisabeth Rohm) but might hold some answers for Vincent about his past. You didn't think J.T. wouldn't be rescued, did you?

Prepare to be dazzled:

BaTB Disaster

It's J.T., doing what he does best: cooking up a recipe — for disaster. Is this what gets him kidnapped?

BaTB Recipe 2

Ouch! Why do they always have to inject stuff right into the neck? Notice this is some time after J.T. was cooking, as he has on layers of clothing in this photo.

BaTB Recipe 3

Tori's down! Is this guy trying to steal yet another precious necklace belonging to Tori — this time right off of her neck? The stuff should be in a vault.

BaTB Recipe 4

What on earth is going on here? Tori is on a stone slab, with a blood bag attached to her arm. From the position of the bag, she's being drained, not receiving the blood. She's still wearing what looks like a precious gem attached to a necklace and she appeared to be clothed in a sacrificial gown.

It definitely looks like J.T.'s kidnapping leads to something more permanent for Tori, even if it's only someone who ends up keeping her captive. This screams beast mythology, especially with the stone slab and cave-like environment.

Start talking, everyone. What do you make of this? Hit the comments!

Images courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg and Christos Kalohoridis/The CW


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Comments on "Beauty and the Beast photo preview: Bye bye, Tori?"

JAMES February 23, 2014 | 6:46 PM

I don't think tori was really dead. Remember why gabe come back as a human? He has been shot and dead at the end of season 1. Cat save him and killed the evil side of him.

taylor February 14, 2014 | 4:44 PM

i believe and a return of her or this show are end, i'm really disapointed with this..

sandy February 03, 2014 | 7:38 PM

I'm sorry but I hope beauty and the beast get cancelled for this and it's because they didn't have to kill tori off in order to put Catherine and Vincent together again. The truth is Catherine never really accept Vincent for who he is and never really trust Vincent because if she did she wouldn't have trusted gabe in the first place and Vincent wouldn't have to try to save her ass and he wouldn't end getting kidnapped. Secondly I don't want to watch the show were Vincent reduces Catherine lap dog who doesn't have a life. At least with tori she accepted him completely for he is from the get go. The writers are a complete ass for getting rid of tori. Tori didn't deserve to die and only one deserve to be killed off is either gabe or Catherine. The reason why I pick gabe because he can't be trusted and tori is a better asset to the show and as far as Catherine , well she became hated because she choose to trust gabe over Vincent in season one and look were it gets Vincent.

Helen January 28, 2014 | 7:30 PM

Just make Tori go away. Her role is supposedly short lived anyway. Vincent needs to figure out who he is without another beast around and that he belongs with Catherine. Yes beasts did have healing powers, at least Vincent did before he was kidnapped by kidnapped Muirfield at the end of Season 1.

Rebecca January 27, 2014 | 7:11 PM

Ill be glad when Tori is out of the picture but not to worry after all the show is called " Beauty and the Beast" not " The Beast and the Beast".I just really miss all the love scenes between Kat and Vincent. Cant wait to see the next episode.

angela paraboschi January 25, 2014 | 5:43 AM

I hope that Tori does not die because Cat seems a second choice #BATB

Carissa January 23, 2014 | 10:19 PM

Hi Monique! Yes, Vincent used to have some healing powers. He did it when Tess shot him in Season 1 Episode 16, "Partners in Crime," and this season in the premiere Cat mentioned it in passing when she was tending to some of his wounds. Poor Tori -- she was the worst candidate for a beast. She's young, wealthy, spoiled, jealous and alone. I can't wait to find out more about the mythology and what that gem has meant throughout the ages... it's definitely exciting!!

Monique January 23, 2014 | 7:34 PM

Since no one else has commented yet, I will. :P Beasts have healing powers? What? That I did not know, if this is true then I am floored. :P I think we have pretty much had it confirmed that Tori is gone as of ep 212 which is Recipe for Disaster. Impulsive, spoiled child accustomed to having things her way, it appears she gets herself in a mess of trouble that looks like it's the death of her. The show could have had a lot of fun with this character but alas even the hint of a romantic attachment to Vincent set our teeth on edge and well, we just won't have it I tell ya. ;) I'm enjoying this romp into the mythological and really look forward to seeing what's to come. This Gem has sparked a lot of imaginations and theories galore how exciting is that.

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