Should Raylan Get A Happy Or Tragic Ending?

The team behind FX's hit series Justified has announced that Season 6 will be its last. We've got a list of five ways the show could end.

Justified Season 5

Fans of Justified were saddened to hear the news that the people behind the series have announced that next season will be its last. The series is currently in its fifth season and seems hotter than ever. Why end the show so soon? Executive producers Graham Yost, Michael Dinner and Timothy Olyphant (who is also the star of the show) said that the decision was made due to a couple of factors.

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At this week's Television Critics Association press tour, Dinner said that part of it came down to figuring out how much story they had left. He said one of their biggest concerns has been running out of stories or repeating themselves. After so many seasons, some people might think it would get easier to keep it going, but Dinner admitted that the opposite was true. Often, they find themselves in the writers' room turning down ideas because they've discovered that either a certain type of story won't work or they've already done that story.

In the end, it was a simple decision.

"It really felt, in terms of the story of Raylan Givens in Kentucky, that six years was right," Dinner said.

Now that we know that Justified will end after next season, the question is this: How will it end? We've come up with five possible scenarios.

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Raylan kills Boyd

Raylan and Boyd (Walton Goggins) have had a complicated (to say the least) relationship going all the way back to the first season, but at its core, their relationship is simply that of lawman and criminal. Currently, their paths aren't crossing on the show, but having seen what Boyd is willing to do to get Ava out of jail, it's not a stretch to imagine the two of them coming to a confrontation that ends with Raylan taking Boyd out to prevent (or perhaps avenge) a crime.

Boyd kills Raylan

Justified isn't a show that has "happy ending" written all over it, and having the hero killed — especially by a man who was once his friend — wouldn't be too much of a stretch of the imagination. It is easy to see how the two of them could end up in a battle to the death, and as they are equally matched in wits, the outcome of such a match isn't necessarily set in stone. It's entirely possible that Boyd could kill Raylan, perhaps even in a situation that takes them both out.

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Raylan takes over as chief deputy

On the show, Art (Nick Searcy) has made it pretty clear that he's ready to retire soon, and undoubtedly, dealing with Raylan has made him think about doing it faster than he originally intended. Raylan may not seem the type to take over such a position, but it's possible he could be persuaded if the circumstances were right. He could find a new love and decide to settle down, or he could even come to the conclusion that he doesn't want to leave his new baby fatherless and that he should therefore take a less dangerous position in the marshals.

Raylan moves to Florida to be a daddy to his daughter

Who said Justified can't have a happy ending? Oh yeah, that's right — we did. But though the show isn't known for cheerful storylines, who's to say that a happy ending is impossible? Raylan has been through a lot in the past few years, and who knows how much more he will go through once the show is over? By the time Season 6 comes to an end, he could make a life-altering decision to give up the violent life of a marshal and just be a father to his baby girl.

Boyd and Ava get married and lead honest lives

If we're giving Raylan a happy ending, we might as well give Boyd and Ava (Joelle Carter) one, too. Sure, they've done a lot of terrible things in their lives, but much of what they've done has been in the name of keeping each other safe and happy. Since Boyd fell for Ava, his entire life has revolved around her, and we know he will stop at nothing to get her out of prison. After she is free, perhaps they will ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, leaving their criminal past behind them.

How do you think the Justified series finale should end?

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Comments on "Justified Season 6 will be its last: How should it end?"

kevin February 27, 2014 | 8:40 AM

Sometimes Boyd is the psychopath you love to hate or love to love, but unfortunately I think a happy ending is out of the question. Redemption? Perhaps in the afterlife he has flirted with...but I believe Boyd will be killed. Maybe by Raylan...but more likely by the associates he aligns himself with. Raylan I think will take Art's job and his wife and baby will return to Kentucky and they will live at the homestead. So, I predict Raylan stays in Harlan, alive...and Boyd is killed and buried with his family.

mariah February 23, 2014 | 7:34 PM

It is sad to see the show go, but it does not mean that it has to be the end. How about Having Raylan going to Fla. to be a dad to his daughter but still being in the Marshals services and then the ending scene shows Boyd and Eva getting on a plane heading to Fla. That way they could do a sequel or spin off.

shawn January 23, 2014 | 4:49 AM

I'm not sure how it should finish because it seems like it has so many more stories to tale. Even though it's starting it's fifth season it feels like a really new, fresh show but at the same time because of the depths of the characters it feels like it has a very long history, like a show that's been on for decade. I would at least like to see seven seasons because that's a pretty good average that most great shows have done. I think the show could be even more popular then ever, especially with most of the Walking Dead crowd if they would get turned onto it by some marathons of the seasons on Netflix or somewhere. If the actors or show creators are wanting to end the show, maybe because of the death of Elmore Leonard or something, then I guess nothing can be said about that. The show has awesome story arcs and really great characters that it just sucks you in, and almost feels like you could visit Harlan County and these characters would be there. I was just thinking the other day when one of the new episodes was on, that I hoped the show would go on for 10 or 15 seasons and then the next day I see the bumming news that they're ending it. At this point I don't see any ending being satisfying because it will be ending too soon to even feel halfway complete.

Gidget January 15, 2014 | 9:01 PM

Well, of course, I'd prefer it did not end; however, I'd love to see a blending of a few of the options.It might be cool if some of the final outcome is left to the viewers' imaginations. What if Ava and Boyd "ride off" TOGETHER into an unsure future: one that could "go" good or bad, and allow the viewers to come to their own conclusions. I'd love to see Raylan and Boyd part ways having a sort of mutual love/hate friend/enemy vague relationship-perhaps having just come out of a team effort to resolve something. Stories when they worked together were always the best! But most of all Raylan's character loves his lady (that was established early on)and those of us who have followed every moment want to see him win her back and reunite as a family OR, at the very least, leave it open for the viewers to imagine this as a possible future (if the Hollywood happy ending is too much). PLEASE don't kill Raylan!

gary January 15, 2014 | 1:47 PM

The theme has always been you won't get out of Harlan alive. I would like Raylan and Boyd to take each other out and the last line should come from the story "Fire in the Hole" "They dug coal together".

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