It's Not What It Looks Like, Francis (Yet!)

Have you seen the latest episode of Reign, called "Fated"? If not, be forewarned, spoilers ahead!


Holy smokes! Reign was packed with drama this week. From an almost-wedding to a murder and a fleeing queen, the castle was full of drama. Was it everything you'd hoped it would be, though?

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The almost-wedding

The show kicked off with Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Francis tucked into bed together. Naked. Based on how last time ended, we know it was inevitable, but we weren't exactly expecting that. And, for someone so virginal, Mary sure seemed OK with herself. Maybe that just comes with being queen, though. Either way, Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary were clearly in love and swooning over each other. Then, with Mary I growing more ill, Francis' father Henry was convinced it finally makes political sense for Mary and Francis to marry. Henry had big plans for what came after the wedding; however, Mary didn't see eye to eye with all of them.

In an incredibly romantic gesture, though, Francis told her all he cared about was being with Mary. All dressed up in their fanciest clothes, Francis gave his love a sweet, heart-melting proposal. He promised that his father's intentions weren't his own and he'd stand by Mary.

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The problem, though, was Nostradamus' vision that Mary and Francis' marriage would be the death of Francis. Of course Mary didn't believe the seer at first, but when two more of his predictions came true, it was hard to turn a blind eye.

Mary canceled the wedding and fled for home with Bash (Torrance Coombs) as the knight in shining armor at her side.

The murder and the secret spilled

As for Nostradamus' prediction? Earlier in Mary's visit, he told Aylee she wouldn't get to return home, though he didn't say what would happen to her. During this episode, he had a vision of one of the girls on the ground and everyone else crowded around her. That girl on the floor turned out to be Aylee. Total bummer. She was the least annoying of Mary's ladies.

How'd she die? Kenna learned that Diane was working at having Bash legitimized and went to the queen with that information, hoping to work with Queen Catherine in an effort to oust Henry's other mistress. It sort of worked. Catherine used the information to send Diane running for the hills. However, at her prodding, she convinced Diane to first poison Kenna. As the girls lounged around, however, it was Aylee who ended up chugging Kenna's poisoned tea, instead of Kenna.

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As if losing Aylee wasn't bad enough, her final moments were torturous. She didn't just suffer from poison, but was shoved down the steps by Clarissa. Then, Aylee laid sprawled out on the marble floors and gave one of those long-winded, overly dramatic deaths. The kind you used to fake as a kid. (No? Just us? We've always had a flair for the dramatic.) She was a sweet girl and we're really bummed to see her go. Honestly, we'd have been thrilled if they'd offed any of the other three. But the damage was done and, sadly, it was done melodramatically and poorly. The whole scene made us roll our eyes.

Also eye-roll worthy

Francis' reaction to Mary riding off toward Scotland. We get it. He loves her. Her abandoning him and heading for hills had to have been a hard blow. It was worse, still, if he could tell that riding beside Mary was his half-brother, Bash. But, the collapsing to the ground thing? Too much. Way, way too much.

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We're glad this happened, though. Reign hasn't exactly been playing history based on a textbook. However, Mary and Francis marrying seems like a death sentence for the show. After all, history says their marriage was his death sentence. Plus, we were promised more of a fling with Bash and we're hopeful this means we'll get a chance to see it.

We can't wait to see what happens when Reign returns in January.

Editor's note: Eek! In the mad scramble to get this review to you ASAP, we misspoke/wrote. As mentioned by the first gracious commenter, it was Mary I who was growing ill, not Elizabeth. (We're right about the poison, though. You can re-watch the episode on to see for yourself. Clarissa certainly isn't innocent, but it was Catherine/Diane who killed Aylee.)

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Comments on "Reign review: Almost-wedding comes to shocking end"

Linda Thomas December 16, 2013 | 12:42 PM

Well all I can say is I loved every minute of this show this season. Mary is wonderful, Francis (who I in the beginning I thought was too wimpy for the part), was wonderful and Dash was "dashing." So thrilled it is coming back in January. Merry Christmas everyone!

Deirdre December 16, 2013 | 11:13 AM

You're right AND wrong, ladies. I definitely misspoke about Elizabeth vs. Mary, as to who was dying. But, I'm right about the poison. Creepy Clarissa was definitely involved, but if you watch the episode, again, It's Catherine (with the help of Diane) who poisoned Aylee.

Jenay December 16, 2013 | 2:37 AM

If your going to write and article please check your facts twice and watch the episode.I really dislike reading articles from someone who hasn't either watched the episode and two clearly doesn't have a clue as to what their talking about.

KC December 15, 2013 | 10:32 PM

I may be mistaken, Anne, but I thought Catherine made the poison that she gave to Diane. This is why we saw her test it on the bird before she talked to Nostradamus. Then Clarissa used the poison that she stole from Nostradamus. Which is why he asked her if she knew where he hid the key. As a side note, I really liked Francis' reaction to Mary leaving Scotland with Bash. The falling to his knees may have been a bit melodramatic, but his facial expression is what sold me. I felt like his change from heartbroken to pure anger revealed a lot for what the future holds. Like Mary would be forgiven, but Bash never would.

Anne December 14, 2013 | 10:41 PM

I agree with Krysta...Mary Tudor was the dying queen, not Elizabeth. They even discussed the fact that Elizabeth would go after Mary Stuart in competition for the English throne when Mary Tudor died. Also, Diane did not poison Aylee. The girl with the sack over her head did. They even showed Diane throwing the poison at a wall, and Nostradamus discussed the fact that the poison Aylee was killed with was not the same poison he had given to Catherine, which Catherine had given to Diane. Um...not to be mean, but whoever wrote this article missed some MAJOR plot points. Maybe you should actually watch the show first, before writing a plot summary?

Krysta December 14, 2013 | 9:14 AM

I believe that you are mistaken when you said "Then, with Elizabeth growing more ill" referring to the dying queen in England. That queen happened to be Mary Tudor, Elizabeth's half-sister daughter of Henry VIII's first wife Catherine of Aragon. Elizabeth was the daughter of Anne Bolyen, Henry VIII's second wife. Mary Tudor was Catholic and Elizabeth Tudor was Protestant. Mary Tudor, in her late forties, was dying of cancer and Elizabeth was only 25 years old.

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