Horan Slammed And Branded A Snake

Niall Horan is one of the most well-liked guys in showbiz, but not everyone shares those sentiments because reality TV star Andy Jordan has some harsh words for the singer.

Niall Horan finds an enemy in Andy Jordan

Not everyone is a fan of One Direction star Niall Horan. In fact, he has made himself an enemy.

The enemy in question is Made in Chelsea star Andy Jordan who does not have anything good to say about the Irish heartthrob.

So why all the hate? Jordan has recently split from his girlfriend and reality TV co-star Louise Thompson and he is blaming Horan for the split, because he claims that his girlfriend spent the night at the 1D stars house.

Jordan revealed to Now Magazine, "I'm pretty annoyed with Niall. He sends a car to take my girlfriend back to his place? What am I supposed to do?"

"I wonder how many girls he sends that car to. I'd love to ask Niall exactly what happened and why he did it. I feel that he's snaked his way into my girlfriend's life."

Jordan was not done there, he has a lot of anger built up about the whole situation and is very angry that the "Best Song Ever" singer supposedly pursued his girlfriend even though he knew that she was in a relationship.

Jordan continued, "I believe he knew we were together. When we won the BAFTA we were photographed together and afterwards he messaged her and said, 'I see you have a boyfriend.'"

"I don't know what she said back. And I guess I never will."

This comes as some shocking news to fans and those who are close to Horan because he is known to be a very nice and down-to-earth young man and even Andy Jordan has started to wonder if the blame doesn't fall more on his ex-girlfriends side.

Commenting on Thompson's actions and how their eight-month relationship ended, Jordan said, "I wouldn't be surprised if Louise said we weren't together because everyone I've met who knows Niall says he's a really nice guy."

"I pushed her on it and said, 'Why are you lying to me? I heard you've been sleeping with Niall.' She just denied it."

"She admitted she'd gone to his place for a house party, but swore nothing had happened. Then after about an hour she broke down and confessed she'd slept with him."

Photo credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com


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Comments on "1D star Niall Horan has made an enemy"

Lizzy November 20, 2013 | 3:36 PM

Umm can this get any faker? Like seriously Niall is faithful and plus niall is a Virgin. He is waiting till he marries the woman of his dreams. She completely lied to Andy and he really needs to realize his girlfriend is at fault not Niall. He instantly blamed Niall. She wants attention. She probably got denied by Niall and did this stunt to make him feel bad and have people hate him. Everyone doesn't say he is nice and loyal for no reason. He is very loyal and a lovable guy. I wouldn't doubt she fell for him but I don't think the feelings are mutual. This is all for media since there is no where else to stir up drama. Us directioners have enough stuff on our shoulders and so do the boys. None of us need another dumb scandal that is far from the truth.

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