Hemsworth Can't Avoid
Attention Seekers

Liam Hemsworth is single once again and just as well, because as it turns out, his last lady Eiza González was just using him as a desperate ploy for publicity.

Liam Hemsworth found out that Eiza González was just using him

Liam Hemsworth may have kicked Eiza González to the curb, but the Mexican beauty does not appear to be too worried. Why? Well if recent reports are to be believed, she was just using him for publicity.

The Hunger Games hunk caused a stir when he was spotted in a steamy lip lock with González in September, just one day after the announcement that he and longtime fiancée Miley Cyrus had called off their 15-month engagement.

News broke this week that Hemsworth is single when he revealed to Extra, "I don't have a lady at the moment."

The hottie may not have revealed the reason, but it is believed his relationship with González fizzled out because he realized she was just using their romance as a publicity stunt.

A source revealed to HollywoodLife.com, "Liam told Miley he's not seeing Eiza anymore. He found out that she was tipping off photographers; she was totally using him! Miley is thrilled obviously — it's street justice, especially after Eiza was so cocky about things."

Fans of the Cyrus-Hemsworth relationship may be hoping this means the former couple will rekindle their romance.

The source continued, "[Miley has] forgiven Liam. But his hookups with Eiza and the way he was so open about it really hurt her, so in a way she's kind of glad he got used. Maybe it was a lesson he needed to learn."

"They just started talking again so it's not like they're back together, but they're in a way better place, I could see them giving things another shot."

Photo credit: Lavinia Fontana/Future Image/WENN.com


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Comments on "Fame seeker! Eiza González was just using Liam Hemsworth"

Scandal December 10, 2013 | 8:45 AM

i knew Eiza was using him since she started hooking up with him, im a fan of Eiza shes a good actress but shes really a ----- in reality and she got what she deserve. and Liam? hmmmm no comment he deserve it and i hope that ------- learn his lesson. (fun fact: Eiza Gonzalez did a ---- load of plastic surgery)

Karl December 03, 2013 | 4:02 PM

He's such an innocent man and pretty woman just wanna take advantage of him, Yeah right! He cheated on his fiance once before they broke up. He didn't care about his ex-fiance feelings at all when he jumped into bed with another woman next day. And now he's the victim? hahahaha!

Toots November 16, 2013 | 7:17 PM

They never had a relationship, people...she was just a rebound hookup. And to all you eiza fans: no, she's not famous in the U.S., she's just a wannabe who jumped into bed with a well known actor, nothing more. Good luck to her in Hollywood, now, because she's going to need it BIG TIME.

yoh'mamma November 16, 2013 | 5:51 PM

you wish gurl!!!! Eiza Gonzalez has plenty of followers she needs no stupid little man to be famous, she is already famous!!!

STOP November 16, 2013 | 12:50 PM

Your article is BULL----. 'A source revealed'???? Are you kidding me???? This is just gossip that you spewed up for a story. None of this is confirmed. Stay out of people's goddamn business.

Ifs and Buts November 15, 2013 | 6:43 AM

Linda, I understand your concerns but: "if recent reports are to be believed", "It is believed his relationship with González fizzled out", "A source revealed to HollywoodLife".... This is not confirming that any of the above information is true or false. It is merely telling the story that is out there...

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