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"I cried at
Air Bud"

SheKnows had a chance to sit down with the guys from Emblem3, gave them paper faces and played a little game of "Who Is What?" We gave the guys a trait and they had to pick which one of them fits that trait the best. Let's play along and see if the guys' answers match up with ours.


Who goofs off the most?

Analysis: So this is where my extensive Emblem3 knowledge pays off. Keaton is the youngest so the answer is definitely Keaton. Keaton goofs off the most.

Emblem3's answer: Drew


Who's the biggest flirt?

Analysis: Wesley's too easygoing to be a flirt. It could be Keaton, but something tells me the correct answer is Drew. Maybe it's his dreamy eyes.

Emblem3's answer: Drew

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Who's the most athletic?

Analysis: Wesley likes to work out a lot and Drew surfs and snowboards and hikes and climbs trees. But I feel like all the answers have been "Drew" so far, so I'm going to go with Wesley.

Emblem3's answer: Drew


Who is most likely to cry during The Lion King?

Analysis: Wait a minute. Who doesn't cry during The Lion King? I mean, Simba's just a baby lion and it's his dad and he's... I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Emblem3's answer: Keaton

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Who gives the best advice?

Analysis: I feel like Wesley's very introspective, so we're going with Wesley.

Emblem3's answer: Everyone voted for themselves.


Who is most likely to be in a relationship?

Analysis: Keaton is too young so he's out. It's between Drew and Wesley. And in the end that's a pretty good relationship problem to have, isn't it? Drew or Wesley? Wesley or Drew? I can't decide!

Emblem3's answer: Wesley.

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