RPatz Told He Needs To Focus On His Career

Robert Pattinson's team has reportedly told him he needs to focus more on his career instead of partying with women and boozing it up all the time.

Robert Pattinson

Maybe he's celebrating his newfound freedom from ex Kristen Stewart, but Robert Pattinson was reportedly told to stop his boozing, womanizing ways and pay more attention to his career.

Pattinson's representative honchos are worried the Twilight star may be headed for a downward spiral with his hard-partying ways and want him to straighten up.

"Rob's team felt he needed a wake-up call [and] that now is the time to get extremely serious about his career," an insider told RadarOnline, "even if that means quitting the womanizing and music-making that have defined his life in Los Angeles so far."

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The source added that the British hunk's reps are very concerned he may throw his acting opportunities "down the toilet." Pattinson has to "pick his next movie before the end of the year, and frankly, everyone is worried he's going to screw this up."

The source continued, saying that just like Brad Pitt did years ago with Seven, Pattinson needs to choose a serious role to get him off "the cheesecake territory" the Twilight fame has put him into.

However, with his increasingly partying ways, hanging out with lots of women and drinking excessively, the 27-year-old actor may be throwing his chances away.

Recent reports have claimed that Pattinson is seriously getting in shape by going to the gym and working with a personal trainer. His new fitness regimen is due to a new role on the upcoming film Mission: Blacklist.

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Other reports claimed that Pattinson was actually dating his trainer, further confirming rumors of his womanizing ways. But this new movie role should certainly take him out of the Edward Cullen bubble that Twilight has put him in.

Maybe Pattinson can have his cake and eat it too by continuing his drunken dating sprees while landing new noteworthy roles at the same time.

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Comments on "Robert Pattinson needs to lay off the women & booze, says team"

rose October 22, 2013 | 2:41 PM

Rob need to stay focus on us acting career and stop the drinking and partying every time I look up he is talking about his personal issue he need to keep to himself he is to open with his personal example the smell of a woman that is too personal his enemies will feed on what he is saying and use it against him. I also read he is now doing coke. He do not need this on his record.

rocknmovies October 22, 2013 | 11:24 AM

What a load of BS. Rob has 3 movies lined up for early 2014: Queen of the Desert with Nicole Kidman directed by Werner Herzog; Life where he will play Dennis Stock, the photographer who shot the iconic photos of James Dean; and Mission: Blacklist where he will play Eric Maddox who found Sadam Hussein. So he has plenty of work in his future. Young men do go out. Going to rock shows is not partying, it's just enjoying music with friends. We know who put out the negative stories up there: Kristen Stewart fans who are jealous of his Dior commercial and general positive image, unlike hers.

Stop Lying October 21, 2013 | 6:29 PM

What idiot wrote this fanfiction? Rob has two films with master directors headed to Cannes in May, The Rover and Maps to the Stars. And he has 4 more in preproduction, including Queen of the Desert with Werner Herzog and Nicole Kidman. He is a serious actor and no one with a brain is concerned about his image. He hasn't even been seen on a date in a few months. If you believe the tabloids, you're just stupid.

Kippypip October 21, 2013 | 5:13 PM

Uh, oh...is RPattz going bald? ,

Dawn October 21, 2013 | 3:11 PM

Gossip, gossip, gossip. Rob has been working on his career, why all the garbage that is out there. It looks like someone is definitely trying to destroy his character. It wouldn't be ks or her friends would it? From what it looks like she is trying to look like little miss goody. Rob has very strong ties to his family and I seriously don't believe if any of this rumor is even remotely true they would be there for him. Rob has had a very upsetting year. He needs to stay on track. I also believe that he is too strong to throw his life away. Just cut the crap!!!!

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