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How is Zeke not burning out of Sam's meat suit? Is Crowley partially human? Here are a few burning questions from Supernatural Season 9 so far.

Supernatural Season 9 - 3 Burning questions so far

Supernatural Season 9 got off to a great start a couple weeks ago. After watching the first two episodes of the new season, there are some questions that simply must be answered.

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How is Zeke surviving in Sam's meat suit?

Back when the show introduced the idea of angels needing a vessel, it was made clear that if an angel didn't find an appropriate vessel of a certain bloodline, they wouldn't be able to survive in the body for long. Not only did the human have to be of a certain bloodline, but each angel had its own bloodline to follow, sometimes leaving the winged ones with slim pickings when it came to vessels.

So how is it then that Ezekiel has possessed Sam without any adverse effects? In fact, in the sneak peek preview for the next episode, both Sam and Zeke seem to be doing really well. One explanation could be that, as Lucifer's vessel, Sam's body has the ability to host any angel. Or it could be the way that Zeke is possessing Sam that's the answer. Perhaps by only staying in the background and not running the show unless absolutely necessary, Ezekiel is able to heal Sam without burning him from the inside out.

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When will Castiel find Sam and Dean?

The idea of Castiel becoming human and having to deal with the discomforts that come with such a condition is one that fans have been anticipating for many seasons. While there were some hints of HumanCas in Season 5, this is the first time that he's truly been, for all intents and purposes, human. From the preview, it looks like Castiel will still be on his own during the next episode, but many fans are wondering when he'll meet up with his earthly brothers.

It could be that the writers want to give Castiel even more challenges now that he's human. While it's true that it might be a tad funnier to see Cas with the Winchesters as he figures out the intricacies of being truly flesh and bone, there's something to be said for watching him figure those things out on his own. At some point, though, the novelty will wear off and that's when fans will want Castiel to join Sam and Dean. The only question now is: When will that happen?

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Is Crowley partially human?

Happily, Crowley not only survived the Trials that Sam nearly completed, but he also came through them with the same witty/surly attitude. One thing that isn't entirely clear yet is whether or not a piece of those Trials stuck with him. In Episode 2, Crowley compelled Kevin to beat the living daylights out of him. He claimed later that he did it for the enjoyment of seeing Kevin lose control, but there could be another explanation.

Could it be that Crowley wanted Kevin to punish him for the heinous crimes he committed as a demon? In the same episode, Crowley seemed to have flashbacks to the moments during Sam's attempted "cure" when Crowley's demon walls began to fail and the human side returned — with plenty of pain and guilt to go with it. Has Crowley kept a piece of humanity from the Trials and if so, how will that change the King of Hell?

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What do you think of Supernatural Season 9 so far? Do you have any burning questions you'd like to see answered on the show?

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Comments on "3 Burning questions from Supernatural Season 9 (so far)"

joey January 05, 2014 | 8:02 PM

why doesnt the producer bring the 2 living arcangels back? it would be cool to have michael and lucifer back. and also they should bring kevin back to life. or it would be cool if crowley became good, or if whe find out he is actualy god... that would be awsome!!!

John December 26, 2013 | 9:03 PM

I just want to know one thing! Will Lucifer return to the show? And if so will it be linked to what Lucifer told Dean in Season 5 episode 4? "No matter what happens, we will always end up here in this spot." In that future, the Angels were no longer in Heaven, just like it is now, so that makes me think it could possibly go that direction.(Although that was just a possible future created for Dean by a Archangel, but it could still be the Future!!) I dunno I am hoping to see Lucifer return reguardless of how it is done. Also, Id like to hear from God at some point in the series. Maybe he saves everybody, or returns things to normal. As far as allowing evil, make evil a inherit quality in everything, that way he cant stop it unless he kills his family or his creations over and over again forever. ( Loop hole for the series.) I mean how many times would he have to smite people to fix things? Just a idea. Thanks and please bring him back!

Rowan October 28, 2013 | 10:59 AM

It seems like every character on Supernatural is or has been well supernatural excepted Dean. Now yes I know he was a Vampire for like a day but I mean something that really pertains to the storyline.

Cathynyc October 23, 2013 | 5:36 AM

After rewatching Episode 3, it occurs to me that Zeke must be pretty high up in the chain of command in Heaven and is probably crucial in the inevitable Angel Trials. If we follow Supernatural Angel lore, regular angels separated from heaven gradually lose their powers as Cas did in Season 5. By contrast, Zeke is getting stronger. Also, Cas stated in a previous episode that the damage done to Sam in the trials was on a sub-molecular level and he could not cure him -- at the time Cas was a Seraph (high level of Angel). So how is it that Zeke can cure Sam? Or is he at all? And why is Zeke running and hiding from angels? If the writers are following Biblical lore, the Angel Ezekiel is the Archangel leader of Gods Holy Army and heaven knows we could use a new Archangel to keep order.

Tonny October 23, 2013 | 12:06 AM

Are you serious??? Poor Cas has every angel that has fallen from heaven looking to kill him and when he finally reunites with his true friends he is being cast out; not right man, not right at all!! I love seeing how he has learned that being human is more than he thought it was but it breaks my heart to see how Dean is willing to just cast him out with no protection of any kind. By the way can we get back to the Winchesters kicking evil ass and taking no names

lillie October 22, 2013 | 9:21 PM

What the heck, Cas has been put through enough quit picking on my favorite angel! How can Dean just agree with Zek so easily and turn poor Cas out in the cold cruel world. Cas can come to my home anytime and i will feed him better than a diner burrito lol. Poor Cas!

j. October 22, 2013 | 8:12 PM

My question: Is Zeke actually the Zeke that Cas knows OR another angel claiming to be Zeke?

Annie October 22, 2013 | 3:39 PM

Burning questions about Cas, Crowley and Sam. What's missing from this picture. Dean Who?

Annie October 22, 2013 | 3:34 PM

I wish Dean was one of the central mysteries and burning questions. Seems all he's good for is the guilt storyline.

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