Half-Sister Ashley Horn Pays To Look Like Her

Lindsay Lohan has an estranged sister, who wants to look just like her! In fact, Ashley Horn has even gone under the knife to resemble her famous sister.

Lindsay Lohan sister Ashley Horn wants to look just like her

Everyone wants to be like Lindsay Lohan... well, maybe not everyone, but her half-sister Ashley Horn certainly wants to look like her famous sibling.

Ashley is Lohan's estranged half-sibling and the biological daughter of Michael Lohan — who was still married to Dina Lohan at the time of his affair with Horn's mother, Kristi Horn.

However, Ashley discovered who her father was only last year, following a paternity test.

The 18-year-old has since dyed her hair a fiery red color and opted to go under the knife to look more like her famous sister.

In fact, Ashley reportedly spent $25,000 on five procedures of plastic surgery in an attempt to launch her career by looking like Lindsay.

Horn told In Touch Weekly magazine, "I've gotten rhinoplasty, a bit of refinement underneath my cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into my chin and some fat injected into my upper cheeks."

"My goal was to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old."

In fact, Ashley doesn't just want to look like her famous sister, she actually believes she is more attractive.

She told the publication, "I'm hotter than Lindsay! I have no problem saying that."

What does Michael Lohan have to say about his one daughter wanting to look like the other? He told Popdust, "It's disgusting and totally crazy!"

"It's totally shocking. Why on earth would she do something like this? It's just sick and twisted. She's only 18 years old and she's undergoing plastic surgery?"

"She was a really pretty girl in her own right, why would she do something like this?" he said.

"I suspect Kristi is behind the decision for Ashley to undergo all this surgery purely for publicity purposes."

What do you think of Ashley's decision to have surgery to look like Lindsay? Is it crazy and disgusting, or a very clever publicity stunt?

Photo credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com


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Comments on "Lindsay Lohan has a relative doppelganger"

Andrew December 06, 2013 | 3:53 AM

Is she wants to look like her sister, all she needs to do is become a drug addict. Still cheaper than a surgeon!

sandra November 20, 2013 | 4:36 PM

The next thing you know, she will be doing a porno like the rest of the young celebrities these days.

sandra November 20, 2013 | 4:34 PM

I think that everyone has a right to do whatever they want..even look like a sibling or another person if they choose to. Lindsay didnt have a problem having her boob job at 18..y not her half sister to do it for fame? It's y Lindsay did it. I say shes entitled to whatever the hell she wants.

TOM October 21, 2013 | 5:19 PM

Hey she looks great. Do you guys know what the right people get paid in hollywood? She does look like Lohan before all the drugs and alcohol. I wish her sister the best but why not.

QueenB October 15, 2013 | 2:27 AM

How is she going to say "im hotter than Lindsay" after she had surgery to look just like her.....sad as hell. Everyone wants there 15 minutes in the spotlight no matter the cost.

Cliff October 13, 2013 | 7:04 PM

Completely ridiculous and sad.

Susan Graham September 27, 2013 | 2:18 PM

I don't understand why she felt the need to look exactly like her sister. The thing that bothers me is that she felt that need. I would be curious to see what she looked like before the operation. I hope she does not live to regret this decision.

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