Osbourne Family Tragedy

Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly have suffered a heartbreaking loss, but vow to keep dancing.

Lisa Stelly Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa Stelly are grieving today after announcing the news she suffered a late-term miscarriage.

Stelly, who is already mother to Jack's 16-month-old daughter Pearl, announced the devastating news on her blog.

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"I have been dreading this announcement," she wrote. "I needed some time before being able to say it. Jack and I lost our baby boy last week. Having a late term miscarriage is by far the hardest thing either of us have ever had to go through."

"We appreciate all of your prayers and ask for privacy and respect during this time. It’s important to stay hopeful and optimistic through life’s toughest moments. We never know why things like this happen. All we can do is trust in God and know he has a plan for our lives."

She later tweeted words of thanks to fans.

Osbourne and Stelly had publicly announced the pregnancy just a month ago, saying that she was in her second trimester.

The couple aren't letting the sad turn of events keep them down, though. Osbourne has just started rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars after the announcement that he will be competing came earlier this week.

Osbourne and Stelly wed in October 2012 in a romantic Hawaiian ceremony.

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Comments on "Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa Stelly lose their baby"

Elyse September 06, 2013 | 4:53 PM

I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby boy! I went through a miscarriage last summer. It is the hardest thing I have ever experienced it my life. I was 11 wks when we found out. I had a D&C and 2 months later got pregnant with my son Danny born July 11th. I pictured it as an 8 lb baby normal and healthy that i lost, instead of what it was a 6 1/2 week old fetus. My heart breaks for you! You are in my prayers! Time heals everything. writing it down in a blog is what got me through it, as well as people bringing us meals over for the first week or 2, and my husband just holding me. my only advice is let your angel go to Jesus and wait for you to join someday. Don't hold on, because it will seriously mess you up. i wrote a see you soon letter on my blog and i think of that baby every now and then, but i can't let myself go nutz again. Life must go on. I have a new born, 2 toddlers, anda husband to take care of. i need to be sane. May God bless you and keep you wrapped in his arms while you endure this trial.

Johna September 06, 2013 | 12:51 PM

Karla- Saying they're young and will have more is just rude. Obviously you have never lost a baby. A miscarriage at any point during pregnancy is devastating. They loved and wanted THAT baby. Making another won't take that pain away. Have some respect!

karla September 06, 2013 | 10:17 AM

so sad but they are young Im sure they'll have more kids....I didn't know lisa used to be a model she looks beautiful in this video http://dailyentertainmentnews/tv/lisa-stelly-osbourne-dwts-contestant-jack-osbournes-wife/

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