Cameron Douglas To Blame?

The downfall of the marriage of Hollywood elite Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones may have been caused by another man — but no one was cheating.

Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones

Fans are shocked by the news that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have separated after 13 years of marriage, and now the reasons behind the split are coming to light.

As in most marriages that come to an end, it's complicated and not due to any one thing, but insiders say it has really been a long time coming.

Problem one: Stresses in Douglas' life, including his battle with cancer (which he claimed was caused by oral sex) and his son Cameron's incarceration on drug charges, have left the actor embittered, sources say.

"Michael has gotten to be a mean old man," a friend of the couple told the Daily Mail. "He finds fault in her all the time, it is an ugly atmosphere. He is grouchy and hard to live with. They have been arguing for years."

Another source told RadarOnline, "A big divide between Michael and Catherine has become Cameron."

"Cameron is in solitary confinement and hasn't seen his father in an eternity, as he can't have visitors. Michael is beside himself. It consumes him."

But his stepmother isn't quite as sympathetic and has never been spotted visiting Cameron in prison, although his father brings kids Carys and Dylan on occasion.

"Cameron and Catherine never seemed to have a close relationship and I think Michael always felt she just didn't care for the situation. He probably felt there was little sympathy from her, toward him and Cameron," the source explained.

While the actress stays holed up in the couple's multi-million-dollar home in Bedford, New York with her mother and children, Douglas is staying with friends in the south of France while preparing to show his movie Behind the Candelabra at the Deauville American Film Festival.

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Diana Webb September 18, 2013 | 8:35 PM

Nothing is worse than being married to a mean old man, I think Catherine has done her best by him and their children, but when the mean side of the man comes out by finding fault with her constantly it can not last, too bad because he was damned lucky to get her, I think they should put theit two beautiful children first, instead of themselves, smarten up Michael and stop being horrible, she may be bipolar, but as she stood by you in your illness, you should have had great empathy for her in her illness, good luck in the future!

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