Subtle Dig At Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman told an Australian magazine that her life is much happier now that Tom Cruise isn't in it anymore.

Nicole Kidman

It's tough to be Tom Cruise these days. First his wife Katie Holmes leaves him, then his controversial religion of Scientology comes under attack. Now his former wife Nicole Kidman says her life is so much happier now that she's married to someone else, and that she used to have to live in her fantasies to make it through the day.

In an interview with Australia's Bordermail, Kidman was asked if she's happy today, more than 10 years after she and Cruise split.

"Yes," she said. "Happy in the sense that I have my girls and my husband and I have a very, very strong real life to counterbalance my fantasy life now. My fantasy life used to outweigh that more, and now I've kind of balanced it, which is a lot healthier."

Kidman seemed to be referring to her daughters Sunday and Faith with current husband Keith Urban without including her adopted kids with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor — with whom she is said to have a distant relationship since the couple divorced.

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That seems to have taught Kidman a hard lesson: Family first, always. When asked how she balances work and home, she replied, "It's not even balance. I say, 'Is this going to work for our family?' And Keith and I sort of talk about it, and there are times when he's said no and then I don't do it. And I'm absolutely fine with that because I want my marriage and want my family more than I want anything else."

This doesn't mean she'll say goodbye to her career, though. Currently promoting her new thriller Stoker, Kidman said it's now about pushing herself to new heights.

"In the second half of my life, I don't want to succumb to any complacency," she said. "I want to push myself and keep pushing myself to places of discomfort and discovery. I am still very curious."

"I have less patience for mediocrity."

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Comments on "Nicole Kidman: Life without Tom Cruise is a lot happier"

Gail October 21, 2013 | 8:10 PM

Her marriage contract with Tom dictated that when they divorced, the kids had to stay with him. And their Church of Scientology dictates that when one divorces and leaves the church, the kids have to distance themselves from that person because they can only associate with church members. That's what you get for marrying a guy who wants to stay in the closet.

Vee October 15, 2013 | 10:30 PM

I think here excluding her other children was a subconscience or freudean sllp; she loves her current family and natural children more. She and tom and the adopted children were all part of her FANTASY. Keith is real and he’s a huge part of her fantasy: a man who stays and chooses family over anothe blockbuster film.

Carl October 07, 2013 | 2:25 PM

Nicole's adopted children shunned her when she divorced Tom. Tom had control of the children since he was in that so called religion. You see what Katie Holmes did with their daughter, got her away from her father's religion. The Children are grown and they made the choice to stay away from Nicole!

J September 29, 2013 | 5:25 PM

Too bad in saying what she does she doesn't include her 2 adopted children with Tom. Being happier without him is one thing but not including the older kids in current happiness doesn't reflect well on her as a mother. After all, they both adopted them not just one of them.

Joanne September 19, 2013 | 8:25 AM

Nicole would like to believe that, but her actions say otherwise. She still lives in a fantasy world, and doesn't seem to know the difference.

val September 13, 2013 | 3:17 AM

Well, Nicole! All Tom Cruise is ain't real life. Real life is making the children's dinner and making sure they do their homework, going to the mall and buying the groceries.

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