Well... Mostly Satisfied

The Switched at Birth Season 2 finale left us (mostly) satisfied. Find out which characters' stories we liked, and which ones left us unsatisfied.

Switched at Birth Season 2 summer finale

Well, it's that time again. With the flick of a few switches, the lights of the Maui carnival went dark and signaled the end of the Season 2 finale of Switched at Birth, appropriately titled, "Departure of Summer." It has been a season full of ups and downs and overall, we at SheKnows felt that the final episode tied up a lot of loose ends. But while it left us mostly satisfied, there were still a few points that we might like to see changed in Season 3.

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As Daphne said in her voice-over at the end of the episode, a lot of the characters ended up doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Some of those right reasons outweighed the wrong, while some did not.

Toby and Nikki do things their own way

OK, we know that we've been hard on Toby and Nikki through much of this season, but that was just because we wanted to see them happy. Toby hasn't seemed happy most of the season and neither has Nikki, so it seemed like the two of them getting married wasn't really going to change that. But in this episode it felt like once Toby and Nikki got wind that their parents were really opposed to the wedding, they finally took a long, hard look at what they wanted. In the end, they looked so happy when they kissed on the steps of the courthouse and it was as if they finally took control of their own futures.

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Daphne and Jace face the music

We haven't exactly been easy on Jace and Daphne this season either, mostly because it seemed like both of them were getting away with some pretty bad stuff. For a while there it looked like Daphne was going to face it all on her own, then it looked like her dad was going to bail her out — neither option sounded very fair. But then, in the end, Jace and Daphne told the truth about everything and took out Coto in the way they probably should have in the first place. We only hope their decision to be honest hasn't ruined their lives forever.

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Angelo gives Abby the best life he can

When Angelo was seen struggling to take care of Abby, we hoped that didn't mean he was simply going to give up on her. We thought he needed to be her dad, but maybe the best way he can be a good dad is to give her the life she deserves. When he decided to give her back to her adoptive fathers, but kept his own visitation rights, we won't deny there were a few tears being shed. Angelo made the toughest, yet best, decision for his baby girl and we admire him for it.

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Bay and Ty... or Bay and Emmett?

The Ty and Bay situation was one that left us perhaps not as satisfied as the rest of the stories. While it's understandable why Ty would want to keep Bay's heart from being broken should he die in war, he's causing her a whole lot of heartbreak right now. When Ty and Bay get along, they are a great couple, but sometimes they can get a little bit annoying. When Emmett came back into the picture, suddenly all the memories of their good times together came back and it seemed like a positive thing if they got back together again. But Bay getting back together with Emmett because she thinks Ty cheated on her is an awful option. It's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kind of situation, no matter which way you look at it.

What did you think of the Switched at Birth Season 2 finale? Did it leave you satisfied or unsatisfied?

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Comments on "Switched at Birth : Season 2 finale leaves us satisfied"

Mo February 20, 2014 | 6:37 AM

correction: I just saw* the S2 finale yesterday!

Mo February 20, 2014 | 6:35 AM

I Love the show.. I Love each and everyone in it..!! This time around in season 2..the writers kinda 've made daphne look irritatin in some parts..! I mean, yes she's a kennish, and she has the right on John and Kathryn, but she's takin things for granted.. it was a relief that in the finale she decided to take the toll. And here I see lotta people a lil upset coz they had to wait for 5 months for the next season.. well here I am in India, I just show the finale yesterday! and I dont even know when 'm goin to watch the 3rd season..! Hope the 3rd season's goin great! and I get to see it soon :)

Sasha January 28, 2014 | 2:15 PM

well personally I cant watch anymore episodes were emmet and bay aren't together they were a perfect couple I really think they should get back together in season 3

Ameera December 27, 2013 | 3:09 AM

I was partially satisfied and partially dissatisfied. First I want Bay and Emmett to be together because they are so cute together. But I also want Ty and Bay together because Ty pretended to cheat so he doesn't have to break Bay's heart later on and he knows that Bay still has feelings for Emmett. Even though Emmett cheated, he apologized in every way he could and after what Bay did to him later on, Emmett still stood up for Bay for everything. I just wished the season 3 episodes turn out to be satisfying for all watchers!!

Bemmet December 09, 2013 | 2:41 PM

Personally, i am happy that Ty is out of the picture. I cannot watch any more episodes where Bay and Emmett are not together. However, despite how much i despise Ty, i don't like the idea of Bay getting back with Emmett as a rebound thing, like her way of getting back at Ty. So, if the writers wanna do something amazing like bring as this amazing couple back while at the same time not screwing it up it would be amazing. The only reason i started to watch and kept watching this show is because of Emmett. His character development is amazing and despite all of the stupid things he did, i still care for him. Hopefully everything will turn out well in january. Can't wait!

Ernst October 24, 2013 | 11:08 AM

I was left hanging and now have to wait until next year to know what happened to Daphne and Bay's drama. Superb acting and has the closest you can get to reality. I hope I will not have drifted off to other interesting things before season 3 rolls out. Otherwise the series tends to portrays both parents as too submissive to their kids. I cannot stand the way Bay walked off on her dad when he confronted her and asked about her relationship with Ty. I tend to think Bay kinda forces herself into Ty who she literally threw her virginity at without struggle. The most treasured thing in a girl is given out just like that to a person whose future is uncertain! Not a good example for teenage girls

Bob Maze August 27, 2013 | 5:51 PM

I am disappointed that we have to wait until January for the story to resume. It provokes me that the girls are so haughty and head strong and disrespectful of their parents. They expect their parents to forgive them for all of their sneaky disobedience, and yet they forgive no one! Both girls make a sap out of their father(s) and boyfriends. Both dads are trying to do what's best for their families and even the mothers give them a hard way to go. All of the girls/women play the "either my way or no way" game. If I were Bay's father, the first thing I would do is take away the car keys, particularly after she ran off with her friend. All in all, the acting is fantastic and very convincing!

Deborah August 26, 2013 | 7:33 PM

Its pissing me off that im going to have to wait until january to watch the next episode. that's 5 months. in that time they could film the entire next season. meanwhile have the watchers lose interest. stupid, like get your act together ABC Family!

Faye August 20, 2013 | 5:26 PM

I love this show, it speaks so much truth. Life is messy and hard to bear sometimes but there are small moments that just make it all worth it! I am happy with the storyline even though it distresses me so much right now that I have to now wait until summer to find out what happens with Ty and Bay. My fear that Emmett and Bay might get a second chance might actually happen I think in the end Bay belongs with Ty as they are made for each other and Emmett had his chance and let her down where as Ty has never.

Marion August 20, 2013 | 7:11 AM

I found it a pretty satisfying ending and true to who the characters are (or want to be) with the exception of Ty's deception. We know that he has a controlling side where Bay is concerned, but it did seem hard to believe he'd set up a break that would hurt her this much. It seemed a little too guaranteed to throw her back to Emmet although many people would love to see that happen.

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