The New Prince Of Pop?

Looks like they don't call him "Baby Bieber" for nothing! With an "Artist to Watch" nomination and a much-hyped performance slated for this year's VMAs, Austin Mahone's star is rising fast. Could he be on track to take the Biebs top spot in pop?

Austin MahoneJustin BieberExhibit A: His fan base is growing exponentially

A few years ago, Austin Mahone was just a kid making videos on YouTube. Today, you can't throw a rock without hitting a "Mahomie" — one of Austin's fanatical young followers. When we compared Austin to Justin Bieber a year ago, Austin had over 760 thousand Twitter followers and nearly 500 thousand Facebook fans. Today, he has almost 4 million Facebook fans and nearly 4 million Twitter followers. Granted, the Biebs already had nearly 45 million Facebook fans and 24 million Twitter followers last year but — at nearly 60 million Facebook fans and over 37 million Twitter followers today — his growth is considerably smaller than Austin's, who multiplied his Facebook fan base by eight and his Twitter fan base by five.

Exhibit B: He's booking some major gigs

Not only is Austin nominated for a VMA in the "Artist to Watch" category this year, he'll also be serenading the crowd with a song from his debut album. Plus, he's been tapped to perform a special pop-up show on Saturday, Aug. 24, which will be taking place in conjunction with a week-long series of free VMA concerts around New York City and Brooklyn. And, from the looks of it, Aug. 24 will be a big day for the fresh-faced 17-year-old phenom — he'll be co-hosting MTV's 10 on Top, which airs at 12:30/11:30c.

Exhibit C: He's been hanging out with Selena Gomez

Ever since Selena Gomez called it quits with the Biebs (again) ((supposedly for good this time)), fans have been pondering who she might date next. So when she was spotted at Disneyland with Austin and a group of friends, the rumor mill went wild. According to sources, though, the outing was totally platonic — Austin is currently touring with Selena's buddy, Taylor Swift, so he tagged along with the Red tour gang. Still, we can't imagine Justin was too happy to see his on-again, off-again girlfriend palling around the amusement park with "Baby Bieber."

Images, L to R, courtesy of FayesVision/WENN and Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

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Comments on "Proof that Austin Mahone is moving in on Justin Bieber"

Lucy Cruz October 14, 2013 | 2:36 PM

Okay i mean both are them are sop good and they both deserve to be huge stars.Austin is talentedand so is JB. they worked hard to get where the are right now.

unknownperson October 04, 2013 | 11:10 AM

jb just sucks Austin is way better then him

mahomie September 21, 2013 | 4:01 PM

oh and the guy on here who named himself (ME) you are so wrong Austin has an awesome voice don't get me wrong JB did work hard and every thing but the only reason that you said that Austin has no voice is because you probably suck at singing and your just jealous so shut up and stop being a ----

mahomie September 21, 2013 | 3:54 PM

I used to be all for Justin but then he turned into a jerk I think Austin is the new Justin and his voice isn't girly. Austin if you are reading this just know that you have my support and I love you :D your gonna go big and also please don't turn into a jerk like JB did. your name may be Austin Mahone but I say Austin Mahot :D

Sharon August 31, 2013 | 9:16 PM

Austin is cute,funny and hot

Sharon August 31, 2013 | 5:22 AM

austin is hot

Sharon August 31, 2013 | 5:13 AM

I still think Austin Mahone is better than Justin

Sharon August 31, 2013 | 5:09 AM

I still think Austin is better than Justin

ivan August 29, 2013 | 11:59 AM

Correction: Justin's net worth is between 130 to over 200 million including property and bank assets.

ivan August 29, 2013 | 11:34 AM

I like Austin but doubt will will have the phenomenal success of Justin who in 5 years went from no money to over 13 million, won between 50-100 awards, had 6 or 7 no.1 albums on Billboard at its. Sold out concerts worldwide quicker than most pop stars, performed with the major pot stars today, and so on.

Me August 28, 2013 | 10:17 AM

Austin Mahone is proof that a teen can make it today with no originality and no vocal talent. It's all based today on how many followers you have. It used to be that even in the teen market, they had to have talent. Now, if you're a cute teen boy, you can attract the female population, who basically don't even care if the teen boy has talent or not. Austin, in 2009, started copying Justin Bieber because at the time, JB was blowing up all over the place. Every video he did was a JB cover. His parents paid a company (the same one JB used in fact) to build an online presence, and even paid for Twitter followers & Youtube views. Austin Mahone will never beat Justin Bieber. JB has achieved massive commercial success in 5 years. Austin Mahone has been doing this for 4 yrs and is not even signed to a major record label (his managers record label doesn't count)and will always be looked at as a generic JB. In today's market, all you have to do is create a following on social networks. That should not be deemed as success. The truth is Austin Mahone is not a singer. His manager obviously is all in it for the money because any REPUTABLE music manager would not take on a client that has no vocal quality whatsoever. Justin Bieber will be the last teen for a while that had to work hard and have talent to make it. It's all going to be internet personalities from now on.

cayan kris August 28, 2013 | 1:16 AM

austin is the best than justin bieber we should know justin is the popular singer but dont believe with his look .... austin is the best

cayan kris August 28, 2013 | 1:16 AM

austin is the best than justin bieber we should know justin is the popular singer but dont believe with his look .... austin is the best

bianca August 28, 2013 | 1:13 AM

maybe austin like justin bieber by ...austin are my the one idol,,,,

ivan August 26, 2013 | 8:57 PM

Justin has accomplishments in 6 years that will be hard for Austin to surpass. His music is growing and he is a great stage performer; Austin, although a good performer, does not have Justin's charisma.. Others were supposed to take his place such as Cody Simpson, Conor Maynard, and others but have they? No!

jazzabell August 26, 2013 | 8:27 PM

justin justin justin bieber bie ber i lov you and he is hotter and most popular than austin mahaon everyone in the world know justin back off austin

jezzabell August 26, 2013 | 8:24 PM

what the heck man justin bieber is hotter than austin mahaon.and justin bieber will always be our idol and the prince of pop back of mahaon what a shame of even going out with selena thyna convinc justin to step down but he will never back off he know that his beliebers are always there for him no matter what

jazzabell August 26, 2013 | 8:21 PM

what a shame austin back off

ashley August 26, 2013 | 6:03 PM

Austin mahone needs to date Becky G

shecaniah brazendale August 26, 2013 | 4:33 PM


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