Kate Gosselin On Post-Reality Life

It's been more than two years since Kate Gosselin and her family of eight children have graced our television screens. Now, Gosselin admits she made some mistakes.

Kate Gosselin worried about money

Kate Gosselin: Penny pincher? Better believe it.

"I'm living very carefully these days," the 38-year-old former reality star told People in a new interview, adding that she's "piecing and patching together" a living from various projects.

It's hard to tell what those projects are exactly. She did land a job as a celebrity blogger for CouponCabin.com last year, but she was fired in October 2012 after a "series of recent events" convinced the site owners that her personality didn't "align with the authenticity" of the website.

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"To not have a reliable income is scary," the trained nurse said.

It's a far cry from her reality television days: She reportedly earned $250,000 an episode during her reality heyday, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com. Gosselin reportedly earned another $500,000 for her stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Her lavish spending — including rumored plastic surgery — and her divalike tendencies are blamed for the decline of her career and bank account. She admitted to People that yes, she was to blame for a lot of her behavior.

"I made so many mistakes, of course," she said.

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Gosselin is a trained nurse, but she's made it clear that she's not interested in venturing back into that territory.

“It was always my backup plan, but one day you realize your backup plan won’t work to provide for eight kids,” she said an October 2011 appearance on The View.

And, unfortunately, she can't count on ex-husband Jon Gosselin to help out with cash: He was reportedly hit with a $39,000 tax lien earlier this year, according to papers filed in his home base of Berks County, Pennsylvania. We're not exactly sure what he's doing for work these days, though he was working in outbound sales a couple of years ago. It's a far cry from his reality television heyday when he rented a luxury apartment in New York City and sported tons of Ed Hardy gear.

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Like his ex, Jon is worried about his expenses.

"I don’t have a nanny, I do it all by myself," he told a local newspaper, The Mercury, in July. "When I have custody, I have custody. Logistically, I have to drive to my former wife’s location. It’s about 26 miles to her house and back. It’s 52 miles just from here to there and back and then when I drop them off, it’s over 100 miles just for one night. Oh, yeah. I spend $300-$400 a weekend to feed everyone."

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Comments on "Kate Gosselin admits she worries about money"

SteveO October 03, 2013 | 6:53 PM

Trim a little more flesh off that face, and she could star in the next "Ghost Rider" sequel.

Liza October 03, 2013 | 2:15 PM

I grew up in a similar situation as these kids. Ironically my mom was a single parent and an RN as well. Their were 7 girls and 1 boy growing up in a 4 bedroom 2 bath house totaling 1850 sq ft. We did just fine. my mom was single mom and their were 8 of us and we all did are part. She told us that if she didn't have her education she never would have made it. Because of that, we all have collage educations and worked hard for it. We are to this day a close family. We didn't need a big house or fancy cloths. I'm sure things were tight for my mom but she managed to keep us fed and dressed.

Jeff October 03, 2013 | 2:07 PM

I'll be her "Sugar Daddy" any day! Kate is "hot"

Lora August 17, 2013 | 7:08 AM

You have no idea what you are talking about. Jay.m I was a stay at home mom with 3 kids and I could barely keep up with laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, home work, doctor appointment, parent teacher meeting, helping with homework, after school activities, all the school breaks, and a million other issues that come up with raising kids......and doing it all as a single mom with 8 kids. And what do yu feel like doing when yu come from work? Relax right? No the case with single moms . As tired as they feel the have to keep going until they hit the pillow. Typical male comment of course.

jae August 15, 2013 | 9:01 AM

I take issues with Kate's "money worries". First, she continues to live in a $1 million plus home. True, she has eight children to care for; however, many large families live in more modest surroundings. Second, Kate is a trained nurse. With the demand for qualified nurses, she is definitely employable. She states that she will not consider returning to work as a nurse because she would spend all of her money on babysitters. Give me a break! The kids are all in school. Why not work as a nurse on day shift? Work while the kids are in school and be home with them after school. An 8-hour day shift nursing job would probably be from 7 am until 3:30 pm. So hire a sitter to be there to get the kids off to school and be there when the kids get home. Her argument for not returning to nursing is full of holes. Bottom line, sounds to me like Kate just doesn't want to work at a job that would require 40-hours a week of hard work. Is that the diva coming out? Get real!

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