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Joan Rivers
Romancing the Joan

If the Joan doesn't like these guys,
you will

These hotties are lining up for a piece of The Joan. Who will you root for?

Purely Peach Parker

Romancing the Joan bachelor Parker

Parker is the very definition of a Southern gent. The Georgian told us his favorite drink is sweet tea, "[the] sweeter the better." He's all manners, too. His biggest pet peeve is when ladies won't let him open the doors for them. Aw! His most desired superpower? "Flying. Then I could literally sweep you off your feet." We hope Rivers loves soaring through the sky on Parker's wings of love. Behind his sweetness and Southern charm, though, is a hard worker. Parker says his greatest accomplishment so far is renovating his family's antebellum home. He'll be great for future honey-do lists!

Raspberry Richard

Romancing the Joan Bachelor Richard

Richard is about as all-American as it gets. The Massachusetts man says his greatest accomplishment is running the Boston Marathon. His animal alter ego of choice? "A bald eagle. It's strong, majestic, and mates for life." Before you focus on mating for life, however, why don't you just try to make it to your five-year anniversary, when he'll take you to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. He may sound like a tough jock, but he's actually pretty sweet. He swears he'll work to make his future love's dreams come true.

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Trina December 05, 2013 | 11:11 AM

OMG this is a joke and so are all of the guys! Please fix Joan up with some real men please!

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