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Welcome to the Family

Dan Yoder and his wife, Caroline, couldn't be more proud... that they managed to get their marginal student of a daughter, Molly, through high school. Meanwhile, Miguel and Lisette Hernandez are celebrating the fact that their son, Junior, graduated with top honors and is headed to Stanford. When Junior accidentally gets Molly pregnant, the two families must find a way to coexist.


Written and co-produced by Harry Potter's Alfonso Cuarón and The Forgotten's Mark Friedman, Believe examines the unlikely friendship that forms between a gifted young girl and the ex-con tasked with protecting her from evildoers.


The Tudors' Jonathan Rhys Meyers takes the title role in this series inspired by the classic Bram Stoker novel. In this version, the legendary character lives in London as an American entrepreneur with nefarious plans to exact revenge on the people who ruined his life.

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